Quick, help Huey before it’s too late!  »

This is so sad
. Poor Huey. The roommate of this four-pound chihuahua’s human companion threw him to the ground, kicked him in the head, and PISSED ON HIM. All together now: WTF?! 

The little guy is clearly in pain and probably has brain damage, and he needs your donations to help get him to a neurologist. Click here to donate, and hurry! Please. I’m gonna go donate my life savings ($50, for real, I’m broke) and cry now.

UPDATE from Megan Rascal: Some people were concerned because the Chip In page said that the date to raise money for Huey had passed. I emailed the rescue group helping Huey and here is their reply:

Hi Megan,

Thank you so much for posting about Huey!  Because of the postings of Huey’s story we were able to meet the goal we needed to get Huey into a neurologist and get an MRI, etc.  We are so grateful for all the caring people out there such as yourself.  People can still donate and all funds will continue to go to Huey’s future care…most likely he will need continued medical care for the trauma he suffered. But know that because of you and other wonderful people that have helped Huey, he is going to get all the medical care he needs.


So if you donated, your money is still going to help Huey! Maybe if you guys remind me, we can email them in a month or so and see how he’s doing.


Dudes, I’m a huge Stooges fan and I love Iggy Pop so his speaking out against the disgusting seal hunt RULES. I love it when someone awesome does something awesome. It’s like making out with a rainbow!

If you want to help fight against the seal hunt, you can sign the Humane Society’s boycott here and donate here and you can donate to Peta’s campaign here.


Homeless kids and animals take care of each other in Philly!  »

Warning: tearjerker!

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on!]

How clucking sweet are the pictures in that video?! I just found out about this awesome organization Hand 2 Paw in Philly that gets homeless kids to work in animal shelters. It’s mutually beneficial! The animals get much-needed attention and the benefits to the kids are numerous. For one thing, the unconditional love of an animal can be very therapeutic, especially for a kid who maybe never received a lot of love. Also, the most difficult thing about getting a first job is not having work experience. In a shelter, there are all kinds of opportunities to learn about office work, management and general operational skills.

Go here to see how you can help! They are always looking for supplies. You can also “like” them on Facebook to show your support and keep up to date with the organization’s goings-on.


Last week, Mercy for Animals released this video documenting the horrible cruelty at a catfish slaughterhouse in Mesquite, Texas. This video is not for kids—brace yourself. I watched it once and that’s all I can handle. Mostly, they are skinning the catfish alive while they are still flopping around and gasping for air. It’s highly disturbing. Over and over, I just kept thinking, “why can’t they just kill them first?” They specifically tell the undercover worker to “clean them” while the fish are still alive. Why?

If you don’t already know: yes, fish can feel pain. Fish are also a lot smarter than people assume. Isn’t that always the way? Go to Mercy for Animal’s website to see how you can take action and/or donate to the cause.


Dick Van Dyke loves tigers! I love Dick Van Dyke! Mostly because he knows Mary Tyler Moore and she’s the most awesome ever (did you check out Broadway Barks?!).

The Dickster is now a tiger ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund. Dude, did you know there are only 3,200 tigers left in the wild? That’s like the size of a lame liberal arts college! That’s pathetic. 3,200. Holy cannoli. As you can see in the video above, Dick is promoting WWF’s text fundraiser:

By texting TIGERS to 20222, your $10 donation will help WWF save the tiger in its vast range – from India to China, to the Russian Far East. WWF will focus on anti-poaching efforts in critical tiger sites, building political will in tiger range countries, protecting and connecting tiger habitats on a massive scale, and clamping down on tiger trade.

I really love the this text-donation trend. It’s so easy! Which is perfect because I’m so lazy! And how super is that video? I love how the little boy starts going through puberty towards the end. Poor kid! It’s all downhill from here, buddy!

To refresh your memory, here’s the first episode of the Dike Van Dyke show:

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