Glenn Beck returns to douchery; no one is surprised  »

In an alarmingly predictable move, Glenn Beck broke his vegan “diet” after 20 days. According to his own website, he simply “couldn’t take it anymore,” poor thing.
Beck, 47, shocked the world in April after announcing he had embarked on a vegan diet for ‘health reasons’ in February, also cutting back on gluten and sugar. Not surprisingly, he wasted no time before the whining began, complaining that the lifestyle was “vomitous” and “apocalyptic” and bemoaning the suffering endured when a blade of wheatgrass got stuck in his veneers.

Clarifying that the “raw vegan diet" was in fact based on a bet with his security team, Beck boasted that he lasted "20 whole days" before breaking his diet during a trip to Israel, feasting on a hamburger and ice cream. Our only consolation is the inevitable disaster that was his digestive system later that same evening.

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