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Vegansaurus loves voting. It is our right to have it, and our privilege to exercise it. Voting is tops!

That said, actually voting can be terribly confusing, especially here in California, land of the endless ballot propositions! There are always so many, and they are not all as straightforward as 2008’s beloved Prop. 2. This year we’ve got 11, some directly contradicting others ON THE SAME BALLOT, WHY.

KQED’s Calfornia Report recently reported on Prop. 37, “Genetically Engineered Foods Labeling Initiative Statute,” as part of its series on all 11 of California’s 2012 ballot initiatives. Here’s the latest report, by science reporter Amy Standen: 

Prop. 37 is endorsed by our pals at Pepple’s Donuts (check out the signs in the shop!), and the wonderful human beings at Dr. Bronner’s.

On the other hand, Adam of the wonderful Say What, Michael Pollan? blog has a well researched, reasonable, and scathing critique of Prop. 37. He concludes that

… Proposition 37 is bad politics. Dragging ill-informed and uninterested consumers into a dirty political fight and expecting them to make “conscientious” consumer decisions is not the way to spur social progress. And spreading misinformation isn’t going to help that. If Proposition 37 is how the food movement will prove itself, count me out.

For more information on Prop. 37, check out the California Secretary of State’s official guide, and KQED’s ongoing coverage. How do you think you’ll vote? I still have no idea.

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Dr. Bronner’s is the world’s best soap! Read all about it!  »

I can’t remember the first time I used Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap. Maybe in college, around the first time I went vegan. I just remember loving it—and when I discovered the lavender scent? Sold for life.

Over at, Tom Foster wrote a great in-depth profile of the company, and guess what: It’s exactly the combination hippie-activist independent eco-friendly company you imagined it to be the first time you giggled at the label. A few highlights:

  • They soap contains 100 percent organic ingredients.
  • They’re so serious about Fair Trade they bought farms to grow their ingredients according to Fair Trade standards—coconut oil in Sri Lanka, palm oil in Ghana, peppermint oil in India, and “a partnership that combines olive oils from farmers in the West Bank and Israel, and has become a symbol of Israeli-Palestinian coexistence.”
  • They led the hemp industry to sue the federal government in 2001 in protest of the Bush policy of “seizing shipments of hemp seed and hemp oil at the Canadian border”—and won.
  • They pay all their workers everywhere a living wage, and all the big corporate salaries are capped.
  • They plan on staying independent forever.

Go read the entire article RIGHT NOW, it is three pages of you in happy shock because companies can be this amazing and turn a big profit. There is good in the world, you guys, and it starts with soap.

[photo by Max Edmands via Flickr]

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