Episode 2 of Honey LaBronx's Vegan Drag Queen cooking show! Here she teaches us to make almond milk and, “how to rinse out your blender in a very sexy yet ladylike fashion.” What could be better? (Hint: NOTHING) We also learn about nut bags.

I’m so jealous of her dress—it’s the hotness!


You all know there’s a vegan drag queen, right? Her name is Honey LaBronx and she’s sexy as all get-out and working it via an online cooking show. We live in a glorious age, indeed! I mean, there’s a VEGAN DRAG QUEEN with an ONLINE COOKING SHOW. Sometimes I really love living in the future!

In this first episode, Honey teaches us all how to make seitan! She clearly knows her stuff, so follow along and be entertained by her adorability and delicious recipe. Also, one day, I’ll murder her for that dress. SO DAMN CUTE.

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