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Clothing company United Bamboo is making their second annual cat calendar! The calender features cat-sized versions of the company’s fall, winter and spring lines. Say hello to the cuteness!

Every time we post about cats in clothes, some people get upset. But really, I don’t see the big deal. Well, if your cat hates it, I don’t think you should dress fluffers up; but if your cat doesn’t mind, I don’t see the problem. 

Sorry for the picture quality (pre-iphone days, the horror!) but below is my cat Mitsy. The sweater vest was too tiny for fat old Figaro (who totally loves wearing clothes by the way. Like, freaks the frick out when I show him one of his shirts. My theory is it’s because we are usually going to a party or something when I put him in clothes and he loves going to parties) so I thought, “I wonder if it fits lil’ Mitsy?” And it totally did! I had no trouble putting it on her, no protests. I would have taken it off her right after I put it on but it was apparent that she really didn’t care that she was wearing it. She went about her business stalking Fig, scratching my dad’s precious oriental rugs, you know, the usual.

Cats can be very communicative when they are displeased—ever heard of hissing? And claws? I think you’ll know if the cat doesn’t like it but if your cat doesn’t mind, what’s the harm?

Finally, don’t fucking tattoo your cats!

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