Dusker at Hayes Valley Farm tonight!  »

Usually this would go in the links, but it’s happening early and the links are not an “early afternoon” kind of post, so we’re giving you plenty of warning so you can be there!

What is Dusker? It’s “an end-of-summer celebration,” dummies! There’ll be music, a whole bunch of food for sale—produce, booze, and edibles—Hayes Valley Farm merchandise, “multi-screen visuals,” “live henna tattooing,” and more. Not being hippies, your Vegansaurus strongly advises against henna tattooing (whether live or recorded from a previous broadcast), but if Gaia tells you to cover your white skin from elbows to fingertips in pretty swirls, you listen to her.

The event runs from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m., and a $5 donation is requested, which will benefit the Hayes Valley Farm Structures Fund. There will be hot cider, and dancing on the former freeway is threatened mentioned as a possible activity as well. Hayes Valley Farm is located at 450 Laguna St. at Fell Street, which they are now calling “Greenhouse Plaza.”

Incidentally, there’s a rumor that our own Laura will be there tonight “selling” as well! Selling what, we cannot say, but look for the hot redhead and you’ll find out.

Alas, it was unfounded. You weren’t going just to ogle Laura though, right? Of course not, grossy. You’re going for the Farm.

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