Earthlings available for free streaming, get your hankies ready  »

Whether you want to convert your omnivorous friends, need renewed vegan resolve, or just want to cry (catharsis—look it up, people), the latest news from Nation Earth is good news: You can stream Earthlings for free from its website.

This is, to me, the saddest and most convincing documentary about using animals for human purposes. It’s sickening, but it’s effective. Maybe I’m just a big baby. If you ever find yourself or someone else questioning your vegan choices, pop this in for movie night and call me in the morning. I also recommend supporting Nation Earth by purchasing a copy of Earthlings as well. The bright spot: narrated by super-hottie Joaquin Phoenix.


Ellen Degeneres Talks Veganism with Katie Couric!  »

Ellen Degeneres is the shit. Watch this from 15:25 on. She’s so fucking right on. Love, love, love, love, love. My favorite is when she tells Katie Couric that Food, Inc is like a Disney movie compared to Earthlings. GET IT, GIRL!

Hat tip to VegNews!

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