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I. HEART. PESTO. For reals, I could eat the stuff with a spoon! What am I talking about, could eat the stuff with a spoon?! Been there, ate that! But since I’ve become vegan, my pesto consumption has fallen off due to the fact that traditional pesto tends to have parmesan in it. LAME. However, today for your viewing pleasure, I present two vegan pestos!

I recently wrote about the vegan bolanis available at Whole Foods and other places. If you recall, I mentioned that the bolanis are a tad dry but the company that makes them also makes several vegan sauces that I imagine accompany them nicely. Although, the first sauce I got to go with the lentil bolani I was buying was not made by them. It’s a cheeseless pesto made by Pasta, etc. in Sonoma county. I think Pasta, etc. is a restaurant? They don’t have a website as far as I can tell (who doesn’t have a website? It’s like, why don’t you join us in the ’90s?) so I can’t be sure. If anyone can shed light on this, please do. But let me tell you! This pesto is the sheezy! I love it! And I have to say it goes better with the lentil bolani than the other. It actually goes GREAT with the bolani. I love garlic, and this does have some bite, but it’s not overpowering. It’s got a very fresh, lemony flavor and the little bits of cashew are super. This pesto is also good in pasta, though it’s a lot runnier than the pesto I’m used to. I like to put this pesto into pasta with tomato sauce. You know, like a big spoonful on top after you’ve mixed the pasta and tomato sauce together. Fantastico!

The East and West Gourmet Aphgan Food pesto is OK. It’s got more of a traditional pesto texture—thicker and pastier. I think this would probably be better on pasta than the other; or maybe not better, but definitely more like pesto usually tastes. It has kind of a bitter flavor to it, maybe because of the parsley? My mom never put parsley in her pesto. It’s OK on the lentil bolani (side note: I didn’t really like either pesto on the pumpkin or spinach bolanis (haven’t tried the potato yet) but I think pesto is a perfect choice for the lentil ones) but the Pasta, etc. one goes better with it.

Both of these are available at the SOMA Whole Foods (I know the Whole Foods CEO is crazy but I’m not ready to give it up!). The Pasta, etc. one is in the section with the fresh pastas and pre-packaged cheeses. The bolani people’s one is next to the bolanis in a little freezer.

There you have it, my friends! Get your pesto on!

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