Do you miss dyeing Easter eggs? That’s OK, just get yourself some of these handy dandy ceramic eggs from Eggnots! Ecorazzi tested them out and seems to have had a gay old time. They went the extra mile and made their own natural dye with red cabbage! Dope. I know onion peels work great too. 
I like this but then what do you do with the eggs after that? I guess you could kind of change the color or add a design the next year. What we really need is vegan candy coated chocolate eggs that you can dye! That would be perfect! Somebody, get on that. Or maybe! These Eggnots are crackable and we put Veggs inside! Awesometown!  I’m full of ideas! Among other things. 
Pic from Ecorazzi!

Do you miss dyeing Easter eggs? That’s OK, just get yourself some of these handy dandy ceramic eggs from Eggnots! Ecorazzi tested them out and seems to have had a gay old time. They went the extra mile and made their own natural dye with red cabbage! Dope. I know onion peels work great too. 

I like this but then what do you do with the eggs after that? I guess you could kind of change the color or add a design the next year. What we really need is vegan candy coated chocolate eggs that you can dye! That would be perfect! Somebody, get on that. Or maybe! These Eggnots are crackable and we put Veggs inside! Awesometown!  I’m full of ideas! Among other things. 

Pic from Ecorazzi!


Top 10 links of the week!: A harlem shuffle through the dance floor of veganism!  »

Scary rooster Puff has it in for kitty Blacko! This is kind of sad. 

Grist’s Protein Angst series is still killing it! My new favorite: Never mind the meat—worry about eating enough plants. This is what I’m always thinking! Like, dude, I get enough protein, do you get enough veggies?! There is so much concern over our nutrients but I’d bet meat-mouths are not hitting all the nutritional points!

A whole town in India relocated to make room for tigers! That’s nice. 

McDonald’s thinks trying their food is less risky than petting stray pitbulls. People are not pleased. But I’m glad our standards are now risky and less risky. Obviously they are implying you may get bit by a dog; generally I want my food to be on an entirely different scale than getting bit by a dog—not just less “risky.”

From Ecouterre, fur trapping season ends with record high of non-target animal deaths. That means exactly what you think it means.

Choosing Raw has another great post on PCRM and fat-shaming (though we discourage the use of “overweight” as it maintains there is a specific weight you should be). Gena stresses the need to focus on using “honest language, honest facts, and honest statistics.” Here here!

Australia is up in arms over recent footage documenting inhumane conditions in a Sydney slaughterhouse. You can see the video on the linked page. It’s pretty rugged. The one good thing though is it seems like Australia actually does stuff when footage like this surfaces. The slaughterhouse in question was immediately closed (I don’t know if it was permanently closed but still, swift action).

An NYT editorial calls for humane national standards in egg production!

You know we’ve been discussion palm oil lately, well Grist is here to help you break free of the palm oil grasp!

From HuffPo, you may have already heard about this but if not: Westminster severed ties with Pedigree because they didn’t want to see images of puppies behind bars during commercial breaks. Stay classy, Westminster!

From Ecorazzi, Ian Somerhalder (see below) is getting an award from the Humane Society! I have an award for him too! IN MY PANTS. Sorry guys, I can’t help it, he’s the hotness times god damn. 


Cast of “The Grey” dines on wolf meat for kicks  »

Animal welfare activists were already not happy about new film The Grey. Well, at first they were, because the movie was using computer wolves instead of real wolves. But then they realized the movie is not so nice to wolves after all. They say it demonizes wolves, and at the worst time possible. After barely recovering from near extinction, wolf populations in some parts of the country have recently been removed from the list of federally protected species. It’s basically open season on wolves and now The Grey comes along to fuel unfounded fear, prejudice and misconceptions. Super! Go Hollywood!

To add insult to injury, in order to “have a sense of the movie [they] were making,” director Joe Carnahan had some frozen wolves shipped from a trapper up to Alaska for the cast to eat. Um, fuck that. As Jennifer Mishler over at Ecorazzi puts it, “So, he had frozen wolf meat flown in, because that’s what people stuck in the snow and ice and fighting for their survival do, right?” Pro tip: WRONG!

Genius idea: How about leaving the actors out in the cold over night to fend for themselves? THAT’S MORE LIKE IT! Get into character, jerks!

Beautiful picture by me!


Oh man! How did we miss this? It’s a Funny or Die video featuring that unnecessarily creepy “exclusive” whisper and also Katherine Heigl, advertising her life’s mission: neutering (and spaying) animals! It’s funny enough. Mostly we think it’s awesome when celebrities are passionate about important issues in an unpretentious manner.

[video by Funny or Die, which we found at Ecorazzi]


Awesome celebrity news: Ted Danson goes vegan!  »

What’s that? Another distinguished, white-haired older gentleman has gone vegan? Which dashing silverback has made the choice to abstain from animal products in his diet, for the good of the world and his health? Why (as you may have surmised from the accompanying photograph), it’s Ted Danson!

Yes, Ted Danson, he of the delightful, departed Bored to Death, and most recently of CBS’ Cavalcade of Pseudoscience, Vol. 1 (CSI), has turned to a vegan diet to help himself “feel good and look fabulous,” according to Yes! Ted Danson, we’re all vegans around here and we feel good (reallllll good) and look fabulous, too! Welcome to the club!

Or, welcome back? Ecorazzi says that this isn’t the first time this silver fox has spoken of his vegan diet (or lack thereof), but you know, it took a couple tries for veganism to stick with some of us, too, so we’re going to remain open-minded and open-armed about this decision. You’re welcome as long as you like, Ted Danson, as is your ridiculously beautiful wife. It’s awesome over here in vegan-land! Stay forever!

[photo by Sharon Graphics via Flickr]


Not a fail, Eva Longoria. More like a beginner’s mistake  »

Dear Eva Longoria,
Hey girl! I just heard you tried to go vegan and feel kinda guilty about your epic fail. What’s this noise about not doing the research about how to nourish yourself with plant-based food? Passing out cause you subsided on salad? Not knowing almond butter exists? I’m just so confused. But don’t worry! For both our sakes, I’m here to help you with all this mind-boggling vegan stuff.

1.) I can’t help but feel that many people, when they make the transition from omnivore to vegetarian or vegan, don’t know what they are doing at first. It’s tricky to change your entire lifestyle and eating habits. Not to sound facetious, but there’s this tool a lot of us use called the internet. It’s great! I personally used it to find out how I could get my protein, iron, and vitamins from a plant-based diet! Then I made myself a handwritten list of how to make complete proteins and stuck it to the side of my refrigerator! Hey, like I said, I’m here to help you!

2.) You went from an omnivorous diet to a diet consisting of salads? Were you trying to go vegan or go raw? That’s some hardcore shit, Eva. I’d fail too! I mean, I tried a mostly raw diet and I didn’t last too long either. Let’s try some seitan buffalo wings before we move on to like, raw veggies in a collard green wrap, OK?

3.) If you need a personal vegan chef, call me. Seriously. I’ll move to Hollywood. I’ll move to Texas. Whatever you want, girlfriend. Let’s try this again. Your support system is in place!

Jenny Bradley
(vegan chef extraordinaire)


The Empire State Building Shines Red for The Cove!  »

I just read on Ecorazzi that tonight the Empire State Building will be lit up in red to honor the poor dolphins and to promote the message of The Cove. The event was planned by racecar driver Leilani Munter. And John Leguizamo will be there along with the director and producer of The Cove. This is super-cool!

I’ll try to get a pic for everyone! Ew, that means I have to leave my house. Well, I’ll try to post a pic from NYT or something.


Ecorazzi Eats Restaurant Week! We’re all invited!  »

Ecorazzi Eats
, beginning tomorrow, is a nationwide celebration of sustainable (bleh), vegetarian (OK), and vegan (huzzah!) restaurants! There are all kinds of deals and specials for this eco-restaurant week. It’s kind of exciting.

Let’s look at the restaurants participating! L.A. is really putting out; SF is not representing so well, but Berkeley is picking up the slack! That’s right, everyone’s favorite cinnamon roll shoppe is in on this:

Cinnaholic: Free “Old Skool Roll“ ($4.25 value) with the purchase of any regular priced roll.

Nice. You can afford Cinnaholic!

Sacramento is in on the action, too: get a free dessert or iced tea with any purchase at Sugar Plum Vegan Cafe!

As for New York, guess who’s going to Candle Cafe! THIS GUY:

Candle Cafe: A 10 percent discount for all dine-in customers that mention Ecorazzi Eats Restaurant Week.

Gobo in NYC is also participating with a three-course tasting at $25 per person. I do love a tasting! I think I’ll have to check that out too. 

There are lots of other restaurants participating in other cities—though none in Philly! Poor show, Philly, poor show. You can check the Ecorazzi Eats site for all the listings. So, who’s going?! Tell me which restaurant you’re going to! More importantly, who wants to go with me?!


Steve Wynn is all, “IN YOUR FACE, KATE MIDDLETON!”  »

Steve Wynn, American vegan gazillionbilliontribillion$$$$$aire and some woman 1/8th of his age are getting married the same weekend as Prince William and Kate Middleton. Here’s the joker Wynn and his terrified lucky bride-to-be!

I like to imagine Kate Middleton and Steve Wynn as Anne Hathaway and what’s-her-name—Goldie Hawn’s more unfortunate looking daughter? WHAT IS HER NAME? She’s in that awful movie that I’ve watched like nine times (I hate myself), Bride Wars. Middleton and Wynn grew up best friends, both dreaming of their wedding days (just like a woman!) and now, they’re 23 and 72 (respectively) and wedding dress shopping together and looking at china patterns and whatever rich people do before they get married AND THEN, they head to the Plaza to book it for their big days, and it’s only available one day and so they have to sabotage each other and duke it out to see which wedding REIGNS SUPREME. I think that’s basically what’s going on here, I mean Middleton obviously did something to Wynn’s face for him to look like that, right? OMG LAURA YOU ARE SO MEAN AND NO GREAT BEAUTY YOURSELF! Actually, you’re wrong, I am very attractive. HA!

Anyway, if I have to choose which wedding I’m going to, it’s totally Wynn’s because you know that menu is gonna be all vegan. Ecorazzi thinks Tal Ronnen is the chef so it’ll likely just be massive platters of Gardein stuffed with Gardein. I’ll take it!


Top 10 links of the week: a rollercoaster ride through veganism!  »

[Deer and Goose are BFF. Your cute animal viral video of the week!]

Ecorazzi had a post today where they quoted yours truly! In Martha Stewart, Honey and the Great Vegan Debate, they discuss the state of honey in the vegan community. Is honey vegan? Do bees count? Go comment and weigh in!

From City’s Best, “10 Meatless Musts in San Francisco." Vegansaurus is about to drop a similar list so be on the lookout. Ours will of course be not only informative but also the funniest ever.

Recently, Huffpo did a piece about the best sandwiches in the U.S. and none were vegan. Now they’re all vegan! Huzzah! A bunch of vegan bloggers—like, everyone besides us—created vegan versions of each sandwich. Maybe next time we’ll be included, eh? Just kidding! Cooking is for the womenfolk.

Our Hen House (who I hear was at the Martha Stewart episode with me but I didn’t meet them!) has started a cool endeavor, The Gay Animal Series, about the relationship between gay rights and animal rights. Check it out! You will feel so cultured and smart, you can skip the next This America Life! Which works out great for me because when you rehash the episode to me in detail, that’s not actually a conversation.

The Village Voice has an NYC guide to tofu—imagine that! I love me some tofu so I’m all over this one. It’s all the best tofu from various restaurants throughout the city. I haven’t been to any of them. How come you never take me out anymore!

Head over to A Soy Bean for a recap of the NYC Vegetarian Food Fest last weekend. Treehugger has a review too but no pictures! There’s a few videos, but no pictures? We love the pictures! Abby Bean has a ton of pictures. Pictures.

Cheeky Chicago has a nice post on how to make a variety of vegan cheese-substitutes. Walnut Parmesan Sprinkles? YES DEFINITELY GIVE IT HERE.

For a little homespun fun, check out Laura’s The Week in Vegan at SF Weekly. Leave a comment, let her know you care! And let SF Weekly know we vegans are plentiful and emotive.

Babe in Soyland has a great post about veganism and the idea that it means AUTOMATIC weight-loss. Here’s a taste: “People need to know that vegans come in ALL shapes and sizes and that fat vegans (the ones I’ve met are proud to be both fat and vegan) aren’t doing something “wrong” in their vegan diets. There is no “stereotypical vegan”—unless the stereotype is having awesomely low cholesterol.” Read it and tell me what you think.

Finally, from Lovely Bike, a list of vegan bike saddles! That means bike seats. I’m partial to this first one they’ve picked out, it’s the hotness:

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