Food Empowerment Project’s fair trade chocolate list!  »

You know how most conventional chocolate is flavored with children’s tears?¬†Actually, it’s much, much worse than that but I can’t bring myself to write about it because if I did, I’d have to hit the streets afterwards and start punching Whatchamacallits out of people’s idiot faces.

Lucky for us, we can happily eat everything on the Food Empowerment Project’s list, which includes companies like Sjaaks (we want all the Eli Earth bars SO BAD) and Allison’s Gourmet (looooove, look at those insane pb cups)! Check out the whole list, which includes ice cream companies who use chocolate, too! Vegan ice cream can be evil!? Sadness. Support these companies and not the others because seriously, chocolate that’s not fair trade is FUCKED.

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