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Health coach Alex Jamieson, famous for nursing her then-boyfriend Morgan Spurlock back to health after his all-McDonald’s binge month, has just come out of the ex-vegan closet in her latest blog post “I’m not vegan anymore.

If you haven’t read the post, I’ll spill the beans and let you know it’s pretty boring. Jamieson shares that she’s been wanting to fall off the vegan train for like a year and felt scared to tell her vegan friends and clients and the WORLD that she’s no longer vegan but now she HAS to because, you know, her truth and stuff. Essentially she admits she ate meat because her “body told her to” and she had tons of “cravings” and green juice wasn’t working and that it was SO hard for her and we should feel bad and not judge her but we probably will anyway because vegans are harsh and judgmental.

In response, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau tweeted: “Craving: a convenient way of attributing scientific reasoning to an irrational emotional desire 4 pleasure to exonerate oneself from guilt.”

Patrick-Goudreau brilliantly points out this thing that happens in all of these ex-vegan narratives, which is that claiming that your body craves meat as justification for killing and eating animals completely erases the animals and THEIR desires.

I really don’t want to take this Jamieson woman to task; she did a really sweet video post a while ago with Chloé from Girlie Girl Army on how to feed your family vegan on the cheap, and I think Super Size Me was great, really. I guess I just take issue with her perpetuating the hackneyed notion that giving in to your body’s “cravings” is more important than the moral imperative to save animals’ lives.

What do you think?

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