NYC Vegan Drinks is this Thursday! Party for the animals!  »


Yay NYC Vegan Drinks is here once again! I will be there spinning some dope records as will my main man DJ Grand Format (Ace of Bass fans, this is your night!).


Freakin’ Vegan, empanada-suppliers of Vegan Shop-Up, will be serving up the yum. They announced on FB that they will have a special-just-for-Vegan-Drinks-limited-edition-get-it-while-you-can buffalo chicken empanada, complete with vegan blue cheese dressing! I’ll see if I have room for one of those but you know I first have to try their vegan cheesesteak empanada as you know I am the vegan cheesesteak expert (you know so much stuff). 

And this month benefits Stewie to the Rescue!:

Stewie to the Rescue has two primary goals: Make sure that no pet is ever relinquished to a NYC kill shelter due to the expense of their medical care, and that no rescue group is ever prevented from saving an animal’s life because of a lack of funds when a foster family or adoptive family is available.

As always, there are awesome raffle prizes including gift certificates from Mooshoes, Cinnamon Snail, The Green Radish, and Mercury Bar! So bring your cash money! Proceeds go to Stewie to the Rescue and you could win awesome shiz! 



Attack of the vegan food hybrids! Pizza waffles, meatloaf cupcakes, and more!  »

Guys, I was looking on Finding Vegan for some food porn to share and I couldn’t decide which of these hybrids sounds cooler! So I thought I’d share them all. Let’s make it a smackdown! Which one is most exciting?


First up: Meatloaf Cupcakes from That Was Vegan? These might be my top pick in terms of what I wish was in my mouth right now. 

imageIn this corner, we have Pizza Waffles from Killer Bunnies Inc! Savory waffles are always intriguing, no?


Here we have Philly Cheesesteak Empanadas from Vegan Pandamonium! Not so crazy like a sweet thing gone savory but a cheesesteak pocket sounds perfect to me. 

imageAnd finally, Lasagna Wontons from Veggies Don’t Bite! Another cultural mashup that sounds super yummy. 

So you can see why I had trouble deciding, right? Which do you think is the raddest?! Tell us in the comments!


Product Review: Rico M. Panada spinach and tofu empanadas!  »

Welcome to my new favorite thing: Rico M. Panada’s spinach and tofu vegan empanadas! I’m a fan. I’m even toasting them, as the box recommends, instead of microwaving them, as my impatient stomach demands. Many of the brand’s empanadas aren’t vegan but the spinach ones are and then they have a beet and black bean vegan one I’ve yet to try (haven’t found it yet).

As you might imagine, the flavor of this empanada is very reminiscent of spanakopita. It doesn’t have that creamy and salty flavor you get with the traditional spanakopita cheese mixture, but it’ll definitely remind you of the Greek dish. I’m pretty into them. I feel like they are something my mom could get down with but I’m not sure if they are up to my tofu-phobic dad’s level. They are kind of high in fat but have no saturated fat, they are high in protein and fiber, AND they are Mediterraneanish—total mom food. Am I right? Come on, I’m always right! At least when it comes to mom-trends. Is that something to be proud of?

They have them at Union Market here in Brooklyn. I can’t tell where else they have them! Their site doesn’t seem to say. But you should totally write them and be like, “How can I be down?” That’s what we have to start doing now; writing the hell out of everyone like, “Ship to this coast! We’re hungry!”


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