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You all know I got into vegan blogging for the free stuff, so when Casa Martinez offered to send me some of their “fresh, all natural vegan” salsas to sample, I said, Yes please.

A little while later, I received this jar of Nopal flavor. It’s cactus. I love cactus! Tequila! Mezcal! Delicious! Jarred salsas aren’t my favorite salsas, but who am I to turn down free vegan food? Especially non-GMO vegan food that is new to the U.S. market.

To sample this salsa, I decided to make the potato-kale enchiladas from Veganomicon, and use the salsa instead of making enchilada sauce. There was enough in the jar to spread a thin layer on the bottom of the pan, and to thoroughly cover the 10 enchiladas I made. (It was a 10-pack of tortillas.)

I baked them a little longer than instructed, let them sit for five minutes, and served them with some vegan Chardonnay.

Result: Superfantástico! The spice was light, which I made up for by adding cayenne pepper to the filling. The flavors were delicate and tangy. I really enjoyed it! I rarely don’t enjoy enchiladas, though, but I thought the nopal made a good foil for the heavier, earthier potatoes and kale. I recommend it!

If you want to put Casa Martinez salsas in your face (and you probably do, unless you’re making nopal salsa at home), you can buy it at Bristol Farms in Southern California, and online.

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