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The Metreon theater is probably my favorite place in San Francisco to see a (non-indie*) movie because it’s in close proximity to the new Island Earth Farmers’ Market deliciousness (um, in the same building). You can grab some vegan snackities and sneak them into the theater (oh and check out VegNews list of vegan friendly movie theater fare…red vines, holla!) and then get ready for the show of your life because this theater can get <3 GHETTO <3.

Seeing a movie here makes me so thankful that i have safe and legal access to RU-486. I mean, what kind of a human being brings their child to see Saw XL: SERIAL KILLERS EATING BABY FACES?! That’s some straight Britney Spears shit there. That woman should be imprisoned for life and I should be given her kid to raise on an island with only tree bark for food and sea shells for reading material. Believe me, the child would be far better off. And by far better off, I mean famished, dehydrated and dumb as dirt. So as I was saying, far better off.

PRO TIP! When the box office line is out of control, go UPSTAIRS and buy your ticket from the automated machines by the snack bar. There’s never a wait. YOU’RE WELCOME.

*oh like you never jerked it to Hilary Duff, LIAR.

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