John Barlett has cute shirts for Farm Sanctuary!  »

Lookie what I saw on fb! John Bartlett has teamed up with Farm Sanctuary to create a limited edition “Ambassador Collection.” And I want! If you didn’t know, that’s our fave vegan fashion plate Leanne of Vaute Couture in that pic. Man! Leanne is so lucky! She gets to meet pigs! I NEVER get to meet pigs! My life is the worst.

The notes on the pig shirt say that’s Eric…is that THIS ERIC? He got so big!

At $40, the tees are not cheap. But 10% of the proceeds is going to Farm Sanctuary. I think the chicken one is my fave just for the sexual harassment I would invite. And I’d have to say, “actually it’s HEN not a ROOSTER, dummies!”

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