Get fancy, bitches: Millennium’s Farmers’ Market Dinner  »

It’s the 12th annual Farmers’ Market Dinner at Millennium! That’s tradition in California, we’re a young-ass state! Take it from a bitch who’s been in Greece where their young shit is our old shit, know what I’m sayin’? Great, neither do I! Anyway, these dinners are amazing and you want to go, trust.

Here’s the juice straight from Millennium’s mouth:

Each year, we take a moment to recognize the efforts of our contributing local farmers. We will take the time to celebrate and recognize their immeasurable contribution to the organic movement on Wednesday, July 27, by hosting our 12th annual Farmers’ Market Dinner. Chef Eric Tucker will present a menu featuring four courses, highlighting ingredients from each of our local farms. Our local farmers will be present throughout the evening to answer any questions you may have. Peruse their wares at our fresh-from-the-farm produce table—there may even be a few goodies to take home at the end of your meal!

Farmers’ Market Dinner
Wednesday, July 27
Reservations available from 5:30 to 9 p.m.
Four-course prix fixe menu
$50 per person; $25 wine pairing
Please call our host for a reservation at (415) 345.3900, ext. 10

Here’s some delicious Millennium stuffed squash blossoms photographed by the talented digiyesica!


GIVE IT TO ME: Gluten-free winemaker dinner at Millennium!  »

It’s gluten-free and it’s booze and it’s happiness. What more can you drunkard celiac vegans hope for?? Don’t say I never did anything for you!

Here are the details; when you’re convinced, email Alison for a reservation because this shiz be filling up fast!

Urban Legend Cellars winemaker dinner
Tuesday, Mar. 29
Five-course prix fixe menu
6 to 9:30 p.m. (ish)
6 p.m. wine reception; dinner served promptly at 6:30.
$85/person (before tax/gratuity)

From Millennium:

The East Bay has been referred to as “the most densely concentrated urban wine region in the nation” and Steve and Marilee Shaffer, through their hard work at Urban Legend Cellars, contribute to the exciting once-prospect and now-reality of wine tasting by public transit. This inspiring husband and wife team sources certified organic whenever possible, produces certain wines that are only available in refillable containers and does it all in their West Oakland warehouse near Jack London Square in Oakland. Eric carries the Urban Legend Sauvignon Blanc currently at Encuentro Cafe & Wine Bar and is excited to create and pair a five course gluten-free meal with these delicious local, sustainable and award winning wines. Steve Shaffer says, “The grapes don’t care where they’re made into wine.” We are just glad Steve and Marilee are the ones making it and that we have Eric Tucker to prepare the food. Join us for a very special evening and for what is also Millennium’s first gluten-free winemaker dinner!

That’s probably not entirely gluten-free but it’s from Millennium and it’s very delicious. A taste of things to come! If you go eat at Millennium! Which you should! UGH I LOVE THAT PLACE. TAKE ME THERE AND I WILL MARRY YOU. (I am desperate to get married!) (just kidding, Jonas!) (KIND-OF)


Beer Cooking class at Millennium!? There are still spots!  »

Not sure how we missed this but it sounds fucking awesome! I can’t do much better than just copy and paste the details because well, it’s Monday. 

February 2011 Beer Cooking Class!

Celebrate the last day of SF Beer Week by joining Eric Tucker in the Millennium kitchen for a hands-on, beer-themed cooking class!  Learn  that beer can accompany food in more ways than one from someone who truly enjoys it. Sit down after a long day in the kitchen and enjoy your family style meal with new friends and of course, with beer pairings. You will also have the opportunity to meet Eric on Saturday, Feb. 19 for a guided tour through the Ferry Building Farmers’ Market!

 Sunday, Feb. 20
 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (ish)
 $155 per person [pricey! but you’re rich, right?]

Space is limited, please call Alison to make a reservation at 415/ 345.3900, ext. 13.


OH HELL YEAH: Millennium hosts Sunday Supper at a real-life farm (they exist!)!  »

Dude, we are all totally going to this. Millennium restaurant is hosting Sunday Supper at the Farm, featuring Michel Schlumberger and Tierra Vegetables. It’s on Sunday, Oct. 24, and basically we drive to Tierra Vegetables Farm (under 90 minutes from SF!) and then enjoy a day of pumpkin-carving (HELL YES), a farm tour, and then a five-course family-style meal with wine pairings. It’s $120 each, but that includes tax and tip. Plus: a freaking JACK-O-LANTERN. OMG, I am totally gonna carve “Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife" into mine!!! Or maybe a self-portrait; I’m looking to really scare kids this holiday season. If you’re willing to swing by Millennium and take extra passengers, you’ll get 25 percent off the price of your dinner! Finally, a situation in which having a car in San Francisco doesn’t make you a total asshole.

WHAT’S MORE: Genius Chef Eric Tucker, Wine Director Chris Tavelli, and Mike Brunson, winemaker for Michel Schlumberger winery will be at your table to talk about food and wine/maybe ask on a date/publicly molest. 

Millennium warns that space is limited, so call Alison at
415/345.3900 ext. 13 for more information and to reserve your seat at the table.

[photo by Maggi_94 on Flickr]


Fancy-Ass Thanksgiving Plans: Millennium!  »

If you’ve got the money, I’ve got the time KNOW WHAT I’M SAYIN GREAT NEITHER DO I.

If you are so inclined/filthy rich, you could spend Thanksgiving doing it up at Millennium. Oh go for it, you have no family who loves you anyway. I mean in the Bay Area! I’m not that mean! OR AM I, PERSON WITH NO FAMILY WHO LOVES YOU?? IN THE BAY AREA. Dang, paranoid!

OH ALSO SPEAKING OF THAT…if there are any stragglers around for the holidays who can’t afford Millennium, you’re welcome to come with me to my parents’ house. It’s seriously a blast. First, we will eat hella mashed potatoes, then we’ll hear my dad lecture about raquetball and/or aliens, then my four-year-old niece will feel you up, and THEN we’ll watch a movie! Probably something with an end-of-the-world or Strawberry Shortcake theme. It’s actually tons of fun, email me!

If you can’t/refuse to make it to either event, you can always recreate the Eric Tucker Experience with his pumpkin pie recipe (Thanks, VegNews!). I’d share mine but basically it’s exactly his only I came up with it first um yes that’s the ticket.



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