The vegan dopeness: five faux-leather messenger bags  »

What’s not to like about a messenger bag?! Besides the boob-divider thing. But some people find that attractive! I’m not saying you should fill these with PBR and hop on your bike, but they are all cross-body bags and they are all dope. This Espe one from Alternative Outfitters is what inspired my round-up today:

So professory! And at one point or another, everyone wants to bang a professor.

This next one is also from Alternative Outfitters, the Luella by Shiraleah:
I’m in love with this bag, goddang it! And I don’t care who knows! I’m a big fan of Shiraleah, I have one of their wallets and it RULES.

Here’s a hot Matt and Nat number from Mooshoes:
I like odd, shapely pockets. That’s also how I like my men, BTDubs.

Also from Mooshoes, the Strap Hanger bag from Tano:
LOTS OF POCKETS. That’s how you know how important someone is, by how many pockets they need. And keys.

Lastly, here’s a mini messenger from Beg for a Bag on Etsy:
I don’t feel super-confident about the quality of this one but sometimes you just want some damn pleather.

There you have it! Five faux-leather messenger bags curated by yours truly. Dishes are done.

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