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My amazing high school sexuality and society teacher (it was Quaker School, OK?) taught me pizza is like sex; there’s tons of different ways to enjoy it, and sometimes you just want a slice and other times you want ten pies and you want them NOW. (Watch his Ted Talk to learn more!)

Speaking of pizza and unlimited choice and sex, last night four of my nearests and dearests and I made some GalloLea gluten free vegan pizza!  GalloLea sent me three of their gluten free pizza starter kits, all of which come in this cute box that contains the basic necessities for fomenting an at-home pizza-making revolution: crust and sauce ingredients. The only things you have to bring to the pie are your favorite toppings, a bit of oil and water. Pretty groovy, right?

There are a lot of frozen pizza options these days, some of which even contain vegan cheese, and you can buy a crust or maybe crust plus sauce pre-made, but this is a really solid option for those of us who want to pretend we’ve cobbled together all the homemade pizza fixings and slaved over a hot baking tray without, you know, actually having to do that.





Toppings included: daiya, spinach, onions, olives, Brussels sprouts, and fresh tomatoes.

I highly recommend getting one of the GalloLea pizza kits and making it with friends or a significant other/crush. You can learn a lot about each other based on topping preferences, and discover how everyone’s respective booties look when bent over the stove checking AGAIN to see when it’s finally gonna be done, because the package lies and it took us twice the time it advertised on the box. 

The pizzas turned out great! The sauce wasn’t my favorite part, but the crust was super solid and it definitely held up well under the weight of the massive amount of toppings we used. Thanks to GalloLea, I ate some delicious homemade pizza AND I learned that all of my friends want onions on their pizza except Jenna, who is weird and should really think about her life priorities.

Get your GalloLea pizza kit here. 


Friday link-o-rama!  »

It’s that time of the month, er week again as we take you on a tour of the internet. Some stuff we liked this week:

1. The folks at Ethical Pizza gave local vegan donut baker People’s Donuts a visit and showed us some vegan donut-making and -frying in action. It’s amazing to me how quickly People’s has expanded, I remember when they showed up on Yelp just a year ago. It just goes to show what a huge demand there is for vegan goods.

2. Always helpful Ask Metafilter has a useful vegan question: What are some good bulk vegan recipes?

3. Tips for stocking your pantry on the cheap in this tanking economy from Vegan Guinea Pig.

4. Really clever vegan lifehack: put a list of common animal ingredients to watch out for your on your iPod! (via I Am Not A Rabbit)

5. A funny vegan rant, in video format. This guy is either a genius and a saint, or an obsessed serial killer. (via Vegan Soapbox)

6. Ezra Klein noticed that Obama got Michael Pollan's open letter. Unlike some politicians, Obama reads!

And of course… your cute animal picture of the week! What is it? A baby tapir!

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