Design a shirt with Monkey + Seal and raise money for Harvest Home Sanctuary!  »

This is so ridiculously awesome and if you don’t participate, I’ll cut off your balls.

Two of our most favorite people, Rick and Eve of Monkey + Seal, are the super-cutest, most talented design duo in history. You might remember Rick from creating the most bad-ass watercolor illustration of Vegansaurus saving a chicken? Well, these two geniuses want to create a vegan-related/anti-animal-cruelty t-shirt, and they want you to give them ideas for what should be on the shirt! If your idea is chosen, not only will you see your vision printed onto many, many t-shirts and sold INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE (you’re a total hustler) but you’ll also get a shirt for free. What’s more! 20 percent of the $18 retail price of the shirt ($3.60) will go to wonderful farm animal sanctuary/adoption service/education center Harvest Home Sanctuary, to take care of Tracy and the rest of the awesome crew. This is reason enough alone to put on your creative thinking caps and come up with the best design idea in history!

To get an idea of the magic that Monkey + Seal are capable of, check out some of their past and current designs!

(That’s the Loch Ness Blues shirt! It breaks my heart/I want 10 of them!)


(Zombie Abe Lincoln! Very spooky! And presidential! Don’t have a Halloween costume? This is it!)


(It is a NARWAHL and a UNICORN finding each other after years and years of rejection because of their creepy adorable horns. I love this shirt more than I love my own life. AND I LOVE TO BE LIVIN, PEOPLE.)

So, now you see what they can do. What are your ideas?? Leave them in the comments (or if you’re shy, email me and I’ll pass them on!). Use that big, beautiful brain of yours and come up with something (or somethingS! enter more than one idea!) magical and amazing! For inspiration, listen to this on repeat.

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