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mission street food interiorsShould we take credit for this? If you recall, two weeks ago Laura called out Mission Street Food for serving pork on a night when their proceeds would be donated to vegetarian food organization Food Not Bombs (oops!). A discussion ensued in the comments, with Anthony, the man behind Mission Street Food, chiming in, saying the pork was donated, the chef picked the charity and in addition, a few not-so-nice words were exchanged between us and a few others on Twitter. Don’t mess with the dinosaur!

As for the obvious conflict of using monies used to purchase meaty dishes going to a vegetarian organization, I’ll just quote Anthony’s comment to us directly:

"We viewed FNB as a hunger-related charity first and a vegetarian/vegan organization second. This was just an example of prioritizing non-censorship of guest chefs over political correctness. We should have suggested to the guest chef that this might be an insensitive charity/menu combination, but even now, I kind of think it’s no big deal. Food Not Bombs twittered and publicized the event and some people in need will benefit from it. For anyone who was preemptively outraged on FNB’s behalf, why don’t we just say that we made an accounting decision to use pork money to cover overhead, and to only allot funds from the sale of vegetables to make a donation."

Anyway, this week, Thursday, Dec. 17 Mission Street Food will have another all-vegan night, with proceeds benefiting the Western Addition Senior Center.  Anthony asks for “no hard feelings.” What do you think? Apology accepted?

Laura is pretty into it. She adds:

"Anthony also let us know that if they get enough people in this week, this could maybe turn into a MONTHLY THING! That’s a good thing because it means that fewer animals are served up and more people are exposed to good vegan food. I believe we should holler at MSF and partake in some vegan deliciousness. Plus, if you’re missing the vegan Mission Burger, it’s all up on the menu. Apparently they have pretty steady reservations but are a little slow at 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., so get on that. Show them that vegans will show the fuck up for high-quality vegan eating and that we are a forgiving people who don’t hold grudges and are all about the l-u-v. Because we pretty much are, right? Or are we pansies? Whatevs, I totally want that burger.”

Image: Linecook via Creative Commons

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