Super fucking sad: Last Javan Rhino in Vietnam now dead   »

Super sad news alert: The last Javan Rhino in Vietnam* is dead, and so now they’re completely extinct (in Vietnam). Yep, some poachers wanted the last rhino’s valuable horn so they killed him and cut it off. Or maybe they cut off his horn while he was still alive and left him to die. Who knows! Who cares! Answer: nobody, and that’s why they’re extinct.

Anyway, the horn will now be used in some bullshit fake medicine for stupid humans and BLAH BLAH BLAH. Maybe part of it will even be carved into some hideous tchotchke! Perhaps in a couple hundred years, someone will find it in a locker in San Dimas, and it’ll be appraised at a couple thousand dollars, and woo! Won’t that be great? I am not sure what we can do, but I did spend some time looking around the Stop Rhino Poaching website. Anyone know anything about them? Might be worth looking into? 

What a sad, fucked up world this is.

*correction, there are some in other countries still. 

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