We finally watched that episode of Extreme Couponing with the vegan couponer, and you know what? It was kind of sweet.

Perry is 28-year-old vegan living in Virginia Beach, Va., with a husband and toddler who are both adorable. They’re all vegans, and seem like nice people. The narrator tells us that Perry “maintains a three-to-six-month supply of food at all times” and we see her shelves are full of food, household supplies, and toiletries; her “stockpile” is worth over $16,000.

In this episode, Perry takes a co-couponer to Kroger to buy over $700 of groceries for a cost of like $27.

Things we learned watching Perry the Extreme Couponer

  • According to the narrator, 71 percent of 18-to-34-year-olds “rely on” coupons when shopping
  • Couponers Anonymous seems like an awesome way to trade coupons with fellow obsessives
  • Couponing is a full-time job—our Perry spends 40 hours a week “researching, clipping, and organizing coupons”
  • Sometimes if the coupon is worth more than the retail price of the item, grocers will credit you the money back, which you can apply to other purchases, like fresh produce
  • To save big, you have to buy massive fucking quantities
  • You can freeze refrigerated soy milk and have it last “for months and months”
  • If you think the price is not right, check your calculations
  • Manage your coupons with a binder and spreadsheet or risk terrifying mistakes

What’s more, Vegansaurus pal Neffy had some vegan-specific coupon tips for us in the comments! She recommends sourcing coupons “on Facebook,,,, and a few others.” Read her whole comment for details!

What I learned from this episode: I am not saving enough money on my groceries and toiletries. Think of the fantastic vegan winter shoes I could be buying if I weren’t spending so much feeding my dumb face! Or, less selfishly, think of how much money I could be donating to my favorite charities! (So much money!) Ugh. Someone send me a coupon for a binder so I can get started.


Tonight’s episode of Extreme Couponing on TLC features a vegan coupon superstar! It looks pretty amazing, and maybe full of AWESOME MONEY-SAVING TIPS for vegan shoppers? Your Vegansaurus is mostly poors, and we would love to spend less and buy more! Coupons are so great!

We also love television, so LET’S DO THIS. Watch Extreme Couponing on TLC tonight at 10 (9 Central!). Check your local listings for the precise channel number, and make sure you watch this and only this—TLC is mostly nightmare programming from the depths of human depravity, and we would never encourage you to watch anything featuring small children, small adults, or monstrosities like Kate Gosselin/Sarah Palin.

[Extreme thanks to reader Rain for the tip!]

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