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Someone asked about hypoallergenic makeup on our FB page and Red Apple Lipstick immediately came to mind! I had tested a few of their products they sent me for free and now I’m finally writing about them. They are special products—not just lipstick, fyi—because they are gluten-free, among many other things. I didn’t know gluten-free makeup was a thing but I do know I like vegan makeup! And most of their products are vegan. But check ingredients because several of the lipsticks have beeswax, and a few other things. But besides being gluten-free, they are very conscientious about toxins and that sort of thing. They have this chart of all the terrible stuff that you can find in makeup, but not in their products:


The lipstick I tried which is beeswax-free was Rebel! You can see below:


Very smooth application and nice and moisturizing! Obviously I liked it because the name has an exclamation point in it. However the color was not as bold a red as I was expecting. But it’s a nice color all the same. The other lip product I tried was their Rallye balm. It’s a “unique Vitamin E suspended in a very special Castor seed oil” and I love the stuff! It’s hyper-moisturizing and I use it all the time. It’s in my purse as we speak. And apparently you can use it in a bunch of ways:

-Nail beds and cuticles.
-Under your eyes - It reduces puffiness!
-The heels of your feet.
-Your elbows
-Dry spots on your face or scalp.
-Under eye shadows for slippery, easy smoky eyes.
-On wrinkles.
-As a lipstick base.
-Heal a pimple.

I haven’t tried those but I’m about to rub the stuff on my cuticles as soon as I’m done typing. 

The last things I tried were these two eyeshadows:


Very sheer with some shimmer. I applied the Graphite Glam all over my lid and then the Violet Vixen in the crease, heavy on the outer corner. The Violet Vixen and Graphite Glam are their “dynamic duo" but you can also put together a palette on your own, which is fun. 

So if you have sensitive skin and are looking for a new makeup, Red Apple is definitely worth a try. And check out the Rallye balm!


Product Review: Manic Panic makeup!  »


I will forever have fond memories of Manic Panic from my rapscallion teenage days. It was just the coolest, right? Well I recently found out they make makeup tooThe mother of a friend of mine works at Manic Panic so when I found out many of their products are vegan, I hit her up! And she sent me some of their vegan make up to try (for free (full disclosure!)). 

These are the vegan products (though fyi, none of their products are tested on animals):

All of our hair color is Vegan as well as our following cosmetics:

Lust Dust Eye Pigments (all but Hot Hot Pink, Infra Red, & Fuschia Shock)

Dreamtone (Virgin) Foundation

Large Eyeshadow (all but Deadly Nightshade)

Blush- Pussy Galore

However, it looks like they may have added some new products so you might want to email to check if there are more options. I tried the Pussy Galore, Starchild eyeshadow, Cobra Lust Dust and Ultra Violet Lust Dust. And now I will tell you all about them! 


I LOVE the Pussy Galore. It works as an awesome blush but is also great as an eyeshadow. I’ve never worn pink eyeshadow but now I feel like I should wear it every day! The Starchild is nice too. Both go on very easily and have a lot of color (I did a light application). Tip: you can apply wet for an eyeliner effect!


These are the two Lust Dusts I tried. Again, both very nice though the consistency of these are more loose and prone to dust up your undereye while you apply. But once applied, it stays on wonderfully. I did a light application again but in general I think the Lust Dust isn’t as strong as the large eyeshadows. So if you want subtle, this is probably your better option. If you want bright, the large shadows rule!

In conclusion, I’m a little biased because Manic Panic will forever remind me of growing up in the 90’s, but I have to say I’m overall impressed with the makeup. And I’m going to wear the Pussy Galore every day! I am!


Product Review: Benecos makeup and True Natural self tanner!  »

Hey, pals! Here I am, back with another makeup review. The company this time is Benecos by loveTrueNatural. Not everything is vegan but the line is all natural and never tested on animals. The descriptions clearly state if a product is vegan. Of course, all the stuff I tried is vegan! Adoy.

Yes so they sent me a couple of vegan products to try for free. The first thing I tried is the loose mineral powder. I love this stuff! It comes with it’s own poof so I like to keep it in my purse to powder my nose on occasion. I got it in “light” and it was a little bit too light for me, but still great. It offers a lot of coverage, it’s not a sheer powder. 

Next I tried the eyeshadow and eyebrow designer. Here’s me:

As you can see, the eyeshadow colors are very light and natural-looking. They go on great and blend well. I think I could have put more color on but I think it’d still be very sheer and natural looking. So if that’s the style you want, this is for you. You’ll have to look elsewhere for something more dramatic. I liked that the brow pencil has it’s own little brush but the pencil wasn’t subtle enough for me. I have pretty dark brows though so I don’t usually use an eyebrow pencil. 

I also tried the True Natural self tanner. Self tanner always makes me nervous but this was pretty good. I just had a subtle tan the next day so it wasn’t like some cray orange. I did have some streaking by my feet but I think I applied it unevenly, so just be mindful of that.

All in all, great products! If you want organic makeup for a subtle, natural look, Benecos is for you. And if you’ve been looking to dabble in self tanner, I’d give this a shot. It’s not dramatic but if you don’t want to be a pasty ghost, this will help. That’s all for today!


Product Review: Lime Crime makeup!  »

Lime Crime makeup is so pretty! And all their products but the eyelid primer are vegan (the primer contains beeswax)! So nice to have a high-fashion vegan line, right? I love my earthy, crunchy brands too but I can’t help but fawn over a super stylish brand like Lime Crime. The company sent me some gratis products to try and now I will tell you all about them!

First of all: everything smells like cake! Really. OK the first product I tried was their opaque lipstick in Retrofuturist—a nice, bright red. I really like the color—not too dark, not too orange—just red! And it went on nicely. I’m not super skilled with lipstick but it was easy to apply. Then I applied the glitter lip gloss in Cherry on Top over the lipstick. Very fun! I was expecting it to be more glittery (though it is more glittery than it appears in the picture) but I suppose it’s a lot more wearable the way it is. As you can see though, it really makes the color POP! It’s like a lipstick energizer! 

Now for the eyeshadow! They sent me the "Chinadoll" palette. What do you think about the name? It seems messed up.* The palette, however, is awesome. Such pretty colors and so rich. I messed around with a few of the colors, you can see below:

Thank you for indulging my attempts at beauty blog pictures! It was hard. As you can see, I put the colors I used in each “look” (beauty talk!) next to the pic. If you need a little help figuring out how to apply the shadow and you want to do it like I did, my sister has a great tutorial video you can use.

The Jade-O-Lade is beautiful. Love it. And the black worked really well as a liner, as you can see over the red. I’m also really into red around the eyes; I used to buy red lipliner and apply it as eyeliner. Everybody was totes into it. I think it brings out my eyes! My eyes love to be brought out. 

To sum it up: Lime Crime smells like cake and is super pretty! And very easy to use. And fun and stylish. I’m a fan! Oh also, their logo is a unicorn and I think she should be the MMU’s new girlfriend. 

*I’ve been reading more about it. The campaign is seriously wrong. The palette is beautiful but they really need to apologize and change the name. Lime Crime’s founder has made a statement about the controversy, you can read it and decide for yourself what you think about the matter. 

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