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Straight out of Oakland, it’s By Nieves! A homemade, vegan, natural skincare line for both men and women! By Nieves sent me some free samples and now I’m going to tell you all about them!

The Balm: this product says you can use it everywhere, including hair! I tried it on my lips with some success and my elbows which was nice.

I decided to try it on my hair but I was scared to put it all over as my hair can be oily and I hate washing it. So I just tried it on the ends of my hair and guess what! It was really cool! It made the ends hold a slight flip at the bottom like I like and helped with frizz. Also, it smells nice! Well, all the products smell nice! Oh you know what? They smell like a spa! That’s the smell: Spa-scented.

Face Fix and "C" Perfect Skin: OK, I don’t want to oversell this because I don’t know if it’ll happen for you but I’m just going to tell you the events that transpired!

The Face Fix can be used as a face wash or a mask but I decided to try it just as a mask. First of all, it’s a nice mask; you wash it off before it’s fully dry so you don’t get that tight, irritating mask feeling like you do while waiting for other masks to dry. But the amazing thing was that at the time I put it on, I had a small pimple, OK? I had messed with it, so it was pretty red and inflamed. OK so I put the mask on…wait…wash it off…and the pimple was like seriously diminished! THEN I put the “C” Perfect Skin stuff on, it’s an oil you use like a moisturizer, and went to sleep. When I woke up, the pimple was completely gone. Like it had never been there! I was very, very impressed. 

One note about the “C” Perfect Skin, it says to apply to damp skin and I think that’s important because the first time I put it on, my skin was dry and it just didn’t absorb very well. The next time I used it my skin was damp and it absorbed much better. 

Cloud of Protection: I love this stuff. You can use it as an air spritzer or a hand spray. I actually really like hand sprays but I am super scared of those chemically hand sanitizers because I’m afraid of superbugs taking over the world! But then I haven’t found a natural-y one that I like. They all smell icky. This one smells nice! Like I said, it smells like a spa. 

And the description says when you spray it around you, it doesn’t just shield you from airborne pathogens, it clears bad vibes! “Making room for good fortune and happiness,” huzzah!

Bath Salt: The final thing I tried I actually had my brother try. The Bath Salt has epsom salts in it which I know is good for muscles and my brother is the athletic type so I thought it’d be nice for him. Plus, he’s super into baths! He’s fancy. His official word after trying the Bath Salt: “good stuff!” There you have it!

Basically, By Nieves is the answer to your vegan, natural skincare needs. Also fun: they have a cool ingredient glossary! It tells you what each one does for your skin. Totes fun.

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