Dude it’s VEGAN BACON GREASE. How long has this isht been around and NOBODY TOLD ME ABOUT IT?! Heads (of vegans!) will roll!!!!
It looks like it’s pretty widely(-ish) available and we all need to get at it now. I’m about to fry up all the things in my house. Watch out, common household plants and curtain rods. Things are about to get heated!

Dude it’s VEGAN BACON GREASE. How long has this isht been around and NOBODY TOLD ME ABOUT IT?! Heads (of vegans!) will roll!!!!

It looks like it’s pretty widely(-ish) available and we all need to get at it now. I’m about to fry up all the things in my house. Watch out, common household plants and curtain rods. Things are about to get heated!


Take a peek inside Beyond Meat’s headquarters! Plus, coupon for Vegansaurus readers!  »

Vegan meat substitutes are officially taking over the world right now, at least according to The New York Times, Fast Company, and my tummy

I recently visited LA, and while I was in town posting pics of enormous gluten-free vegan pretzels from Sage, Beyond Meat messaged me on Instagram notifying me that I was selected as the “fan of the month,” and invited me to visit their office in El Segundo! What an honor! Of course I accepted their invitation!


Vegansaurus’ Sarah and her brother Asher visiting the Beyond Meat offices in El Segundo.

The Beyond Meat staff was so incredibly welcoming and friendly! I love it when vegan companies are as epic towards their fellow human beings as they are towards non-human animals. Let’s just say the warmth and idealism was brimming over throughout the sunny, El Segundo open-floor plan office. I love that Beyond Meat is doing a campaign to reduce meat consumption by 25% in the next 20 years!

Other office highlights: I got a Beyond Meat t-shirt, I met an adorable puppy named Winnie, and got to see the talented Beyond Meat chef cooking up some new products that are too top secret to mention here!


Winnie, the cutest office dog ever, plays with the Beyond Meat family.


Vegansaurus’ Sarah making beef-free Beyond Meat with her vegan brother Asher in Echo Park!


Beyond Meat Beef-free crumbles are so delicious in pasta sauce!

After Beyond Meat showed me their great office and gave me and my brother a bunch of beef-free crumbles and chicken-free strips, I served Beyond Meat beef-free crumbles to a bunch of omnivores in the form of pasta sauce. Everyone thought the product was delicious! Beyond Meat’s team also told me some top secret details about new products coming out, and while I’m not allowed to spill the beans, OMG, you guys, this is a very good time to be a plant eater!

Beyond Meat is available at select grocery and health food stores nationwide.

EXCLUSIVE: Vegansaurus readers can get a $2 off coupon by clicking here!


Olde Depot Public House is open/awesome in Oakland!  »


As Laura informed us way back in August of last year, one of the owners of Oakland’s venerable Beer Revolution (aka “the place where all the beer lives”) planned to open a new place directly next store called Olde Depot Public House, with yet more beer and what Laura charmingly called “a veg eatery.” Slated to open in early fall 2012, many of us waited and waited and, upon inquiring, were invariably told that it would probably be open “next Saturday” … a day that, sadly, never seemed to arrive.

I’m pleased to report that next Saturday is officially here.

I don’t know when Rebecca and the Beer Revolution crew formally opened the doors of Olde Depot Public House, but I noticed as I walked by during lunch and popped my head in. Obviously, I returned after work to grab a beer and see what’s up with veganism’s slow, steady takeover of 3rd Street. Here’s what I learned.

First off, Olde Depot has lots of beer and another sweet, dog-friendly patio, which is positive news for fans of beer and dogs.

The menu, which will be expanding, includes salted traditional pretzels that come with mustard and are delicious. (They seemed the go-to order out on the patio. Also, they brought me an extra one by accident, so that was a bonus.) There’s perogi filled with caramelized onion and potato in a mushroom sauce. I didn’t get this the first time I stopped by, because I am an idiot, apparently, but I split an order with a friend today and they were pretty stellar. Given that they were fairly crisp, they actually seemed more in the samosa/empanada arm of the Bread Filled Savory Stuff family, but really good all the same.  

The focus is on the sausages, which are all made in-house and come with two of the different toppings, from grilled onions to fennel and dill kraut: options are Apple Sage Onion, Cherry Rosemary Herbed, “Currywurst (with curry Catsup),” and Rauch sausage. I went for the Cherry Rosemary Herbed Sausage with grilled onions and sweet peppers, and tried both the Rauch and Currywurst. All were delicious, though I think I liked the curry one the best, because it’s a sausage with curry on it.

There’s also pommes frites with a bunch of dipping options and what is described as a “daily European potato salad (rotating countries).” Today’s was Ukranian! Plus a tuna salad sandwich as a special.

It is all very exciting. I’m told you can also text your order from the Beer Rev patio and they’ll bring it to you, where presumably you already were drinking an Imperial Stout in the sun, because you are awesome.

Rick Kelley spends his days at an Oakland workers’ rights nonprofit and his evenings probably playing moderately accurate renditions of Propagandhi songs with his awesome partner and their rescued pups, Bandit and Emma. He’s currently active in organizing for an Oakland urban agriculture proposal that does not include animal exploitation, and both writes and serves on the advisory board for the Food Empowerment ProjectHe used to blog, and might do so again someday.


Fake meat future: Hack//Meat takes on the science of legit meat substitutions  »

Last weekend, New York hosted the Hack//Meat conference, where experts gathered to “brainstorm the issue of meat.” Per Businessweek:

One of the more interesting proposals to come out of Hack//Meat is from Foodpairing, a food industry research company and app developer. Foodpairing has broken down flavor to its molecular components and has compiled databases that can match the flavor of those ingredients against other completely different ingredients. By compiling “foodpairing trees” its technology can identify vegetable or seafood ingredients that reinforce the flavor of different meats, or in some cases, can act as a substitute for a meat entirely.

Yes, “molecular gastronomy” gives you a case of the eyerolls, but past the “sciencing your food all up” part, this sounds like an interesting way of making meat substitutes that meat-eaters will accept and maybe even embrace. Let’s go science!

[Photo by Rick Harrison via Flickr]


Victory Burger opens in Oakland!  »

Victory Burger, the burger joint that Kickstarter built, is open! And it is damn good. DAMN GOOD. Since it’s steps from my front door, I’ve eaten there about 50 times and confirm that everything is extremely legit. Also, I CAN’T FIT INTO MY PANTS DONT LOOK AT ME. As soon as I’m done writing this, it’s off to the Y to exercise (for health! and also because I can’t afford to buy new clothes right now!) but first, let’s drool.

Here’s the menu; you can see the incredible amount of tasty vegan food up on it. Two different types of vegan sandwiches (a curried burger YUM or an arepa filled with marinated tofu, plantains, avocado, and an addictive slaw!), coconut ice cream milkshakes (with add-ins! I’ve had peanut butter-chocolate, chocolate-banana, and strawberry-balsamic!), and tasty-ass deep-fried pickled veggies and fries with AVOCADO MAYO. It’s seriously the best place for your vegan burger and fries fix in town. It’s a classy-ass diner and I’m in love.

Now, some pictures:

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Victory Burger is on Alcatraz at San Pablo, right next to Actual Cafe, and is open Wednesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Hopefully their hours will expand but they’re a brand-new baby restaurant so give these fools some time, OK?


Surprise: Bender’s in San Francisco serves top-notch vegan bar food!  »

How could you guys not tell me how delicious the vegan food is at Bender’s? Or maybe you did and I wasn’t listening? No matter, I’m disappointed in everyone all the same.

It was Allan of Mission Mission's urging that I go and try the vegan menu there, and he's not even a vegan! Though I was not expecting too much, I ended up so stoked with my seitan taco I went again the next week! Melissa of Food and Loathing was in town, and I was like “GIRL, after you eat at Source, we have to go to Bender’s!” So I rallied the vegan troops, including the platonic love of my life, Sarah M. Smart.

Let’s feast our eyes, shall we? I’m sorry about the flash—taking pictures in dark bars never goes very well.

Yes, those are tater tots and vegan ranch in the background!

The seitan Philly cheesesteak might be my new favorite sandwich in the city! I was never a Philly cheesesteak fan when I ate meat, so I usually shy away from these bad boys. Bender’s, you’ve stolen my heart and tested everything I thought I knew.

Sarah got the fried pickles and OMG that ranch is blinding!

Let’s not forget the seitan taco; this baby started it all! It is HUGE in real life, and scrumptious.

I totally forgive you for not letting me in on Bender’s vegan menu. I see how you would want to keep it to yourself, but now the world shall know it’s greatness! I think it’s really actually my fault because I just could not keep up with what was going on in that kitchen. Sorry about the misplaced blame there, friends.

[Bender’s signage photo via Facebook; taco photo by Britney Roque.]


Whole Foods debuts their own brand of vegan meats!  »

And we’ve been eating them up and they’re TASTY. Chicken patties, burgers, meatballs, nuggets, THE WORKS.  

I believe they’re at all Whole Foods but Whole Foods doesn’t tell us shit so you might want to call a store near you and get the 411 on meatless meatballs and chickenless nuggets and WHAAAT. This stuff is GOOD. $4/package. I think that’s everything


[thanks to wonderful megan and miles for the tip <3 ]


CLOSED!!! Vegansaurus Giveaway: Fake Meats giant prize pack!  », meat substitute mega-mall and one of our advertisers, is offering this crazy prize pack for one lucky Vegansaur! It’s a very exciting grab bag. It includes Soy Curls! Which I believe our Rachel is obsessed with? It also has like 80 kinds of jerky but we’ll get to that later.

About them: started as a collection of our favorite “fake meat” products and the company has grown from there! We are your one-stop shop for all of your Fake Meats, and we strive to be an authority on Fake Meat products. We are adding new products regularly to build a comprehensive product line, offering the largest selection of Fake Meats on the web.

That’s the background, on to the foreground! This package includes one of each of these products. Not everything in their store is vegan, but everything in this prize pack is!:

Primal Strip: Teriyaki
Primal Strip: Texas BBQ 
Primal Strips are, juicy, meaty, vegan jerky made of seitan, soy, and shiitake mushrooms. 

Lumen Stonewall’s Jerquee: Original Mild
Lumen Stonewall’s Jerquee: Peppy Pepperoni
Lumen Soy Foods Stonewall’s Jerquee is all natural, vegan, and available in a variety of flavors. Most of the flavors are vegan, except BBQ “Beef,” which contains honey. 

Vegan Dream: Hickory Pepper Vegetarian Jerky
Vegan Dream: Teriyaki Vegetarian Jerky
Vegan Dream jerky is all-vegan and comes in a variety of flavors. This brand has a tough jerky texture and a unique blend of spices! Non-GMO soy, preservative-free, and high in protein.

Cactus Jerky: Hot and Spicy
Cactus Jerky is the leaf of the prickly pear cactus, dehydrated and flavored with organic tamari (a type of soy sauce) and a delicious combination of flavors and spices with a kick!

Seitenbacher Vegetable Broth Seasoning Mix
Seitenbacher Garden Herb Sauce Mix
Finally a quick, easy, and delicious vegan/vegetarian sauce mix!  These powdered sauce mixes have no eggs, no dairy, no gelatin, no cholesterol, and no MSG.  Just add water and heat.

Seitenbacher Sesame Veggie Burger Mix
Quick, easy, and delicious whole-grain veggie burger mix!  Just add water to this vegan, powdered mix, form patties, and pan-fry to perfection. Each packet makes four small patties or two regular-size patties.

Butler Soy Curls
Butler Soy Curls are a vegan, all-natural, whole-soy alternative to meat!  Made from non-GMO, whole soy beans. Just soak in water, drain, sauté, and add to any recipe! Reusable Grocery Bag
Declare your love for Fake Meats by using the reusable grocery bag with the message “Nothin’ but FakeMeats in here!”  

How to enter: Same deal as usual! Leave a comment on this post answering this question: What’s your favorite fake meat dish? 

You have until 5 p.m. next Monday, June 25! Go!

Update: This is only for U.S. people—sorry!


Beyond Meat: the new vegan meat that’s rocking worlds is coming to Northern California Whole Foods!  »

I’ve been hearing about this Beyond Meat stuff for awhile and NPR’s blog has the scoop, which I guess is actually originally from Mark Bittman but the point is, apparently this stuff is insanely realistic (it shreds!?) and super tasty. I know someone who tried it and was so blown away that he invested in it. That’s commitment, people! Money where the mouth is! I really need to get rich so I can invest in wacky vegan shit. I’d so donate to your Kickstarter, I promise*.

Anyway, it’s supposed to be amazing (WE GET IT, LAURA, IT’S GOOD) and I want to try it and LO AND BEHOLD, it’s supposed to be at Northern California Whole Foods soon! Hot damn! Northern California Whole Foods are notoriously way shittier than most Whole Foods because our buyer is an idiot who doesn’t stock vegan stuff because a vegan probably dumped his dumb ass but the point is: WE’RE GETTING IT IN THE BAY AREA FIRST TAKE THAT EVERYONE ELSE. If you see it laying about at a Whole Foods near you, holler at us! We gotta try it! What should we make with it?? What will YOU make with it? What if it’s TOO realistic?? Are we gonna be all “mmmm so good” and then like, “puke this takes like chicken!” and then “mmm so good” again?? I’m developing an eating disorder just thinking about it!

Here’s a picture of Beyond Meat in a chicken salad from the NPR story:



Two new vegan restaurants in Oakland! Woohoo!  »

This is all basically second hand information and I’m no journalist (FOOLED YOU!) so I’m leave it up to you fine people to check it out and let us know what’s up! Deal? Deal!

Okay, lez go:

1) Nature Vegetarian Restaurant, 1116 Franklin (between 11th and 12th), (510) 238-9688. Hours: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. It opened sometime in last few weeks and it’s possibly all vegan. Looks like some real competition for Golden Lotus! I wonder if it’s cult-owned? It looks like maybe not. It’s Chinese-gluten style. Tasty!

2) Banana Soy Vegan Restaurant, 416 15th (between Broadway and Franklin), (510) 272-4700. Hours: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 5 to 9 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Closed Sunday. It’s all vegan (!!!) Vietnamese food (YES!) and isn’t Ching Hai-related (YES!). The menu looks delicious and imma be all up in it later this week. And look, it says vegan on the banner! We have to support them!

Both restaurants are super close to the 12 Street BART station in Oakland, so no excuses! Let’s eat!

Man, this area of Oakland is just pregnant with vegan food, isn’t it? I’m so sorry for that sentence that’s half-disgusting and half-delicious. But really, PREGNANT WITH IT. 

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