Souley Vegan going into the frozen food aisles!  »

More dispatches from the Fancy Food Show are coming soon, and please excuse the terrible photo because I was honestly stuffing my face at the same time that I was taking it, but: SOULEY VEGAN IS GOING INTO THE FROZEN FOOD AISLES! They’re taking their famous deliciousness and looking for a distributor for their line of frozen entrees. There are eight different frozen entrees total, and I got to sample quite a few of them. DON’T HATE.

The barbecue tofu was legit; it tasted just like the real deal. I’m a little bit more skeptical about the ability of the crispy fried tofu to stay all crispy fried but hell, if that’s the closest the sad-sacks in NYC are gonna get to it, at least they’ll have something. I mean, there’s really nothing else there. So sad for them.

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