5 adorable piglets who are so much more than bacon  »

imageJulia and her piglets! Julia was super abused before she was rescued by Farm Sanctuary, at which point she gave birth to a boatload of adorable piglets!

The pig’s sentience—its status as a non-object capable of suffering—morally trumps my desire to eat a BLT, no matter how much pleasure it gives. No life is worth a sandwich I don’t need. 
-James McWilliams for 
the Atlantic

The mere mention of bacon makes most meat-eaters giggle with glee. It’s basically the pinnacle of American gluttony, decadence, and indifference. It’s not just a food, bacon has become a punchline, yucking it up on Tshirts and memes across the country. Meanwhile, pigs, who are not only smarter than your dog but also emotionally complex, are suffering relentless anguish

According to the National Pork Producers Council, the numbers are reproachful:

Today there are more than 67,000 pork operations compared with nearly 3 million in the 1950s. Farms have grown in size; 53 percent of them now produce 5,000 or more pigs per year. Nearly 21 billion pounds of pork were processed from about 110 million hogs in 2011. A total of 2.3 million metric tons of pork valued at more than $6.3 billion was exported in 2012.

If I can translate that for you: a hundred million pigs are killed a year, and the factory farm industry is booming. That means gestation crates, pollution, disease, and cruelty. 

I know people like the taste of bacon. That’s not a justification for the suffering it causes. Maybe human babies taste great, that’s not a good reason to eat human babies. The “but it tastes good” argument is nothing short of vapid and shallow. You’re choosing sensory pleasure over morals. When is that ever the right way to make decisions?

In conclusion, here are 5 adorable piglets who were rescued from certain death and suffering. These are living beings who deserve more than being someones lunch. Take it away, cutie pies! 


1. Leon Trotsky

Kicking us off is Leon Trotsky from Edgar’s Mission! Leon was injured at a farm and therefore “useless.” Thankfully, a kind person got Leon to the safety of Edgar’s Mission where he was fitted for his very own training wheels. 


2. Edgar

This is Edgar! He’s one of those fell-off-the-truck rescue stories. Now he lives at Snooters Farm Sanctuary!

3. Marigold

Here we have Marigold from Animal Place! She’s playing in the straw like a total goofball! Her exact history is unknown, she was found roaming the streets in Sacramento, but they guess she was probably purchased from an auction for backyard slaughter. Not dice!


4. Stanley

Hello, Stanley! Stanley is all growed up now but this is him getting some belly rubs as a baby. He’s another escapee found running up and down a busy road. Now he lives happily at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary!


5. Eric

And of course, we close out with wee Eric from Farm Sanctuary! Eric was left to suffer with a leg injury because the medical attention he needed would cost more than the farmer thought he was worth. We think Eric is worth a gagillion dollars and all piglets are worthy of a happy life without pain!

All of these piglets were intended to be meat on someone’s plate, but thanks to random events, they escaped their grim fate. But most pigs—billions of them—are not so lucky. The overwhelming majority of pigs are still suffering in deplorable conditions. What can you do? Click on any of the shelter links above and donate in the name of your favorite piglet. More ideas? Visit Mercy For Animals. But the best and easiest thing you can do is GO VEG.

Share this list with your friends and spread the message: animals matter!


Help Esther the Wonder Pig and her Dads build a farm sanctuary!  »


You guys, Esther the Wonder Pig and her two dads are doing an IndieGoGo to raise money to build a farm sanctuary!

In case you’ve been living somewhere other than the Internet, Esther was a sweet little pig who grew up to be a 450-pound even sweeter pig! Her dads, who were inspired to go vegan after adopting her, dreamed of buying a farm animal sanctuary where they could care for animals who have been abandoned and/or abused. Now it’s finally becoming a reality: They bought a property for $900,000 CAD in Campbellville, Ontario, about 45 minutes from Toronto, but they need our help to raise the rest of the funds before their 60-day grace period is up!

Donate to the sanctuary and win sweet perks like:

  • Meeting Esther
  • Esther T-shirts
  • Grand opening sanctuary tour VIP tickets.
  • Custom metal plates engraved with your name

… and more!

The campaign goes until June 30. At the time of this post, they’ve raised about $83,000, but are aiming to raise $400,000 Canadian! I’m told those are pretty similar to normal dollars. Click here to donate!


10 super adorable rescued farm animals to warm your heart!  »

Picture time! Here are some cutie-pie farm animals that were lucky enough to find a home at Farm Sanctuary. The animals in this post are all available for “adoption”—i.e. sponsorship—at Farm Sanctuary through their Adopt a Farm Animal Program.

So, without further ado, here are 10 super adorable rescued Farm Sanctuary animals!

Wait, wait, a little more ado: As my dad always says, “It’s not a contest, Megan!” but come on, it kind of is. So let’s all pick our favorite! Who’s the cutest? I think I’m voting Joey…











I think sponsoring animals is a very cute gift if you know someone with too much stuff. Which is a lot of people. Or if you have a little niece or something? That would actually be fun, they get a picture and certificate and all that. Kids like that stuff. Like I always say, kids are nerds! At least until 11 or 12. I also think an animal sponsorship is a great replacement for like a class pet or something—get the whole class a cow! Because class pets are such a terrible idea. And each Farm Sanctuary “adoption” comes with a personal sponsorship certificate, a color photograph, a decal, and a VIP tour to meet your sponsored animal. How awesome would that be for a class?! And the sponsorship provides food, shelter, and care a rescued animal—teaching the kids compassion and all that! So if you want to sponsor one of these babies, head over the Farm Sanctuary’s site


Take a survey to help Farm Sanctuary!  »

Just click through! It’ll take maybe 10 minutes of your time, and Farm Sanctuary could really use the help. We were contacted by a reader who, working with FS’s Compassionate Communities, is looking to get answers about eating and ethics. A brief description:

Farm Sanctuary’s Compassionate Communities created the survey, and the goal of the survey is to learn more about vegans, vegetarians, and people cutting back on meat. What makes them similar to, and different from, meat eaters? And how do they transition from one diet to another? By filling out the survey, you’ll enable nonprofits to do a more effective job at promoting plant-based eating.

Our reader says she’s “doing an academic study on food choices. I’m looking for vegans, vegetarians, semi-vegetarians, and omnivores.” So any Vegansaurus reader can participate (or anyone else, fine), and you’re all welcome. Help Farm Sanctuary figure some things out. Take the survey!

Or not. Your call. But it’d probably be a nice thing to do.

[Farm Sanctuary pig photo by Barbara Monroe via Flickr]


Fashion Loves Animals was a huge success! Let’s look at pictures!  »


I attended Farm Sanctuary’s Fashion Loves Animals event this past weekend, they were honoring one of my favorite people: Leanne of Vaute Couture! As we arrived, I was quickly given a shot of asparagus soup (pictured above) made by new celebrity chef Jay Astafa! I was completely stoked since I had missed his popup dinner. I was also stoked because the soup was delicious! 


Here’s Jay prepping behind the scenes. 

Now, on to the Vaute fashion show! 


Yes, lovely outfit. More importantly: OMG what a cute dog! And all the pups were up for adoption. No but really, the clothes were lovely. And I love these shoes by Love is Mighty. They’re made of old candy wrappers! 


Notice the Brave GentleMan kicks. 


I love this dress. There were new versions of this dress I’d seen at Vaute’s fashion week show—now it comes in lots of pretty floral patters! Leanne said they are at the Vaute Couture store now. Yay!


Beautiful picture of the back of this dress by me. 


This puppy stole the show of course. Because PUPPY!


Beautiful picture of the end of the show by me. There’s Leanne with models in tow.


Here’s a behind the scenes shot from Max Gordon Photography (all the pics not taken by me were supplied by Vaute’s lovely PR person Meredith and are by Max Gordon or Farm Sanctuary). Also check out the sweater, I love it. I need it.


And here we have the stars of the show—and really the stars of any show they attend for that matter!: Leanne, Gene Baur, Discerning Brute Joshua.

And in closing, here’s a lovely Vine video I took:

OMG I had so much fun! Thanks, Farm Sanctuary!


Fashion Loves Animals Gala is almost here!  »


On May 4th, a.k.a. this Saturday, Farm Sanctuary is honoring the wonderfully talented and dedicatedly vegan Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart of Vaute Couture! I can’t think of a better honoree or a better organization to be honored by. I hope there are goats there! OMG if there are goats there I will die and go to heaven and leave all my worldly riches to goats.

Get your tickets!


A night of vegan celebrities: Farm Sanctuary throws mega-swanky poker benefit in L.A.  »


March 16, I happened to be in L.A. for an unrelated work event and got a chance to stop by Fun For Farm Animals: Celebrity Poker Tournament & Cocktail party to benefit the work of Farm Sanctuary

I had never thought about gambling as a gateway drug to vegan activism, but now that I’ve experienced it firsthand I’ll say this: It works! There were SO many famous people who aren’t reported vegetarians/vegans who came out to get photographed in classy outfits help support the animals!

In the penthouse of the Petersen Automotive Museum, celebs and normies willing to pay $200 for tickets descended on hella cocktails and amazing All Hail Kale salad from Veggie Grill, vegan buffalo wings, and other treats! Performances from Grammy winner Colbie Caillat and others took place on this really cute stage they had over near the snacks and open bar, and there were magicians and psychics and, again, loads of FAMOUS people—Michael Vartan! Jennifer Coolidge! So many more!—whom I don’t think are vegan but who opened their hearts and wallets for the animals! It was beautiful.

Images courtesy of Farm Sanctuary.

More than a few of the attendees I talked to planned to gamble for the animals and then run the L.A. Marathon the next morning. Talk about dedication! I also ran into my current favorite vegan celeb, Mercy For Animals’ Ari Soloman, who was super cute in person and grounded me while surrounded by a bunch of people I’m used to seeing on television shelling out for farm animals. If this is the future of vegan activism, deal me in!


OMG Farm Sanctuary, you need to stop. Your FB is out of control and I’m going to die from the cuteness. This lil’ baby is a big pink mess of hilarity and adorableness. Cut. It. Out. 

OMG Farm Sanctuary, you need to stop. Your FB is out of control and I’m going to die from the cuteness. This lil’ baby is a big pink mess of hilarity and adorableness. Cut. It. Out. 


Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Farm Sanctuary way!  »

Farm Sanctuary has two genius ideas for showing your honey (there’s an agave joke in there somewhere…) you care this Valentine’s Day. 

Gift idea #1: 


"Farm Sanctuary’s beautifully-packaged, delectable, organic, fair trade Vegan “Milk” Chocolate Heart, which opens up to reveal even more vegan sweet treats inside! Made from rice/almond “milk” chocolate, it’s the perfect expression of love and compassion this Valentine’s Day. Price: $18.00. Available for Pre-Order. All proceeds go to support Farm Sanctuary’s work on behalf of abused and neglected farm animals.”

Gift idea #2:


"Skip the flowers and Adopt A Farm Animal instead! Sponsoring a rescued cow, pig, sheep, goat, or chicken who resides at one of Farm Sanctuary’s three shelters in NY and CA is a cute, original way to show you care. Gift recipients receive an adorable adoption certificate complete with a color photograph, adoption card, and an invitation to schedule a VIP tour to meet their adopted friend!”

So there you have it, two genius gift ideas that help animals! Also, can we talk about that calf and her/his funny expression? Hilar.


I saw on Farm Sanctuary’s FB that they just welcomed two new babies into the family! Look at this silly baby, her pants don’t fit! Can you say high-waters? Good luck with your new twins, Dolly!

I saw on Farm Sanctuary’s FB that they just welcomed two new babies into the family! Look at this silly baby, her pants don’t fit! Can you say high-waters? Good luck with your new twins, Dolly!

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