Farm to Fridge by Mercy for Animals.

This is the most succinct picture of factory farming I’ve seen. It’s raised a question for me: I want to share it with non-vegan friends, but how exactly do I go about that? What do you guys do? Everyone knows I’m vegan and they know if they ask me about it, I will tell them about why I’m vegan and what really goes down in the meat and dairy industry, but I kind of try to refrain from that unless I’m asked. I feel like everyone who eats meat and dairy should HAVE to know how their food is made but at the same time, I don’t want to be “the annoying vegan” that omnivores so fear. I mean, you catch more flies with agave, right? At the same time, I think omnivores should be educated about the choices they’re making. What to do? What do you do?

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