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We’ve reviewed the buffalo wings and the Sicilian trio, but my heart is with the Gardein crispy tenders. They are no joke! I used the toaster oven method of cooking, and cooked them like twice as long as suggested. They are my jam. And for our recently vocal health enthusiasts, you’ll be happy to hear that a serving has 1.5 grams of fat (zero saturated fat) and 9 grams of protein. Damn, that’s a lotta protein, my pals! One serving is only two nuggets and I usually eat four nuggets at a time, but that’s still not much fat and even more protein.

I like to eat them with a nice half-barbecue sauce, half-ketchup mix because I’m a culinary genius. Try it! Then tell me I’m not the man! You can’t! Because I’m the man.

UPDATE: Did you know that Gardein is currently testing AMERICAN SIZED bags of crispy tenders at a few Costco’s to see if they sell well? It’s true! We hope this pans out because then soccer moms can fill their kids with a less crappy version of the food they love. Next, can they work on creating a vegan version of those huge-ass bags of taquitos? Because a few of us remember those fondly from our youth/blame our childhood obesity directly on them. Bring it!

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