ALDF and Regal Vegan have victory in “humane” foie gras case!  »

Update!: I’m late to the party as usual: ALDF dropped their suit when Hudson Valley Foie Gras removed all mentions of “humane” from their site!


ALDF is waging a groundbreaking war against foie gras producer Hudson Valley Foie Gras and had a nice victory last week!

Today ALDF won a major victory in the false-advertising case against New York-based producer Hudson Valley Foie Gras (HVFG). The U.S. District Court of Northern California denied HVFG’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit which alleges that HVFG, the largest foie gras producer in the nation, violated the federal Lanham Act and California’s False Advertising and Unfair Competition Laws, by claiming to be “the Humane Choice.”

ALDF’s co-plaintiff, Ella Nemcova, operates a Brooklyn-based company, The Regal Vegan, which produces a legitimately humane, plant-derived foie gras alternative called “Faux Gras.” HVFG’s manipulative marketing tactics unfairly encourage consumers to buy its force-fed foie gras instead of cruelty-free products like The Regal Vegan’s. ALDF’s lawsuit also marks the first time a humane competitor has brought forth a federal case, using false advertising laws, alongside an animal protection group.

Today’s victory dismissed challenges to the legal standing of The Regal Vegan as a humane competitor and agreed that the groundbreaking case is actionable. While the court denied ALDF’s standing as co-plaintiff its other claims may go forward.

A foie gras company calling itself the humane choice? I don’t even know what to say about that except that terrible people say ridiculous things, I guess. 

As the above states, Ella Nemcova is a plaintiff—she’s the creator of vegan crack, also known as faux gras. You know I love that stuff! I got an email from Nemcova a few weeks ago with some more info on the case:

Now, ALDF is planning to add sizzle to their case, in court and the public arena, by bringing in Temple Grandin, the animal science expert who created the more humane slaughter house and who was profiled in award-winning 2011HBO biopic.
The foie gras lobby has used Temple in the past, claiming she assisted with certifying the product as humane. But now, she is setting the record straight. In a first-of its-kind statement provided to ALDF Grandin made clear her opinion of the product:
“Regarding foie gras production, force feeding is a procedure which is highly questionable from an animal welfare standpoint. If the bird’s metabolism is sufficiently overloaded with force fed grain, death losses will increase. One of my biggest concerns in animal welfare is biological system overload. This occurs when an animal’s physiology is pushed to a point where it starts to break down and the animal develops metabolic diseases and other problems that can severely compromise welfare such as lameness, heart stress, loss of body condition, death losses, mobility problems or abnormal behavior.”
I feel like they could really win this! What do you think? If you need a foie gras refresher, ALDF has this handy guide covering it’s disgustingness:



LA Weekly celebrated Meatless Monday this week with vegan pâté from BLD in Los Angeles. And yes, they have the recipe! You know our Megan loves (LOVES) the Regal Vegan’s Faux Gras, and pâté is terribly chic to serve alongside your artisan vegan cheese, locally sourced and cultured pickled vegetables, and homemade antipasti. So let’s make it!
[disclosure: LA Weekly is owned by the same company that owns the paper I work for. photo by Anuar Pinto Velasco for LA Weekly]

LA Weekly celebrated Meatless Monday this week with vegan pâté from BLD in Los Angeles. And yes, they have the recipe! You know our Megan loves (LOVES) the Regal Vegan’s Faux Gras, and pâté is terribly chic to serve alongside your artisan vegan cheese, locally sourced and cultured pickled vegetables, and homemade antipasti. So let’s make it!

[disclosure: LA Weekly is owned by the same company that owns the paper I work for. photo by Anuar Pinto Velasco for LA Weekly]


Vegan Pâté throw-down!  »

What up, thugs! Welcome to the vegan pâté throw-down! If you recall, once upon a time I sang the praises of Faux Gras; well recently I noticed that the Carroll Gardens Union Market had a new vegan faux-pâté, Nanny’s Vegetarian Chopped Liver. Obviously I had to try it! I’d also seen this Vegan Terrine stuff by Trois Petits Cochons and thought I ought to try that too—so here we are! Throw-down. 

From left to right: Faux Gras, Vegan Terrine, and Vegetarian Chopped Liver.

The Faux Gras was as good as ever. I truly love the stuff. It’s sweet and savory and yummy! The veggie chopped liver looks very similar, and it actually tastes pretty similar, but it’s more meaty-flavored. With the Faux Gras, it’s awesome but I don’t think it’s trying very hard to taste like meat. I don’t mind that at all (actually I prefer it) but if you really loved meat pâté in your omni days, you may enjoy the chopped liver more. But for some reason the chopped liver is like $2 more than the Faux Gras. Not sure why. 

The vegan terrine is…not so great. It tastes like pickled green beans maybe? Kind of? Or mashed peas mixed with olives? Maybe that’s what terrine is supposed to be like but I just really didn’t like it. But if you want something low in fat and calories, this is your best option. The Faux Gras and chopped liver are both pretty high in fat but it’s totes that healthy fat from walnuts and whatnot. 

So the winner is Faux Gras! Nanny’s is a close second and Trois Petits Cochons falls last. Those are the breaks, my friends. Throw-downs aren’t pretty! But they are so very tasty.


New Yorkers! Vegan Shop-Up on Sunday, Apr. 17!  »

Now here is the event for me: Vegan shopping at a bar. Those are my two favorite things! Description from Sarah:

Cure that Spring fever with an afternoon at the all vegan, all local pop-up market, Vegan Shop-Up!

Spring is upon us, budding blooms, rainy days, picnic lust. We’re celebrating by bringing together NYC’s best animal-friendly products in one rad place, on Sunday, Apr. 17, from 2 to 5 p.m. Even bigger and better than the last one! The all vegan Pine Box Rock Shop is our gracious host, and it’s their happy hour with $3 wells and $1 off all drafts. PLUS, an outstanding bloody mary menu that will crush any Sunday night blues.

Now for the goods! Here’s just a smattering of the Shop-Up bliss in store for you:

  • Meow Meow Tweet, with their masterfully crafted organic bar and liquid soaps, and vegan bug repellent too!
  • Pretty Monsters has made a special all-vegan product line just for us with matcha lavender lip balms, soy candles in new Summer scents, AND tattoo balm!

Not to mention chocolate bars, kombucha, caramel corn, face scrub, bitters, and MORE! See the full vendor rundown here.

PLUS freebees from Babeland AND Babycakes!!

See for more information.

Boy, Sarah knows what she’s doing! I don’t have to write jack. I can just sit back and do a little musing now. You know, I’ve been totally wanting to go to Pine Box Rock Shop—it’s a vegan bar! I’ve never been to a vegan bar. Who wants to go with me! Come on, it’ll be awesome! First bloody mary is on me. Except that will be the only one I buy because I think bloody marys are ick; I’m a mimosa-type girl! Boy am I a mimosa girl.

In conclusion, save the date! Sunday, Apr. 17: you, me, booze, shopping, happiness.

*Read my review of Faux Gras here!


Product Review: Faux Gras from the Regal Vegan!  »

A new friend told me about chef Ella Nemcova and her vegan catering company, the Regal Vegan. Turns out she not only prepares food for events, she has her own product out: Faux Gras. They sell this at the hippy grocery around the corner from me! In true Megan Rascal fashion, I immediately ran out and bought a tub! Just kidding, I immediately took a nap. After several hours, I ran out and bought a tub! I brought it and a baguette to my brother’s for a snack before dinner.

At first bite, it’s very mild. Then, all of a sudden, you’re hooked! We ate the entire baguette with the Faux Gras in one sitting. I’ve never had foie gras so I can’t compare but I can say it was delicious! We did save a bit for my sis-in-law (I’m so nice to her) and she said it didn’t taste like foie gras—a positive, in my opinion—but it was similar to pâté. She really liked it, my brother really liked it, and I was in love. It’s a bit sweet with a slight bite, though generally mild.

Bonus: It’s pretty healthy, high in fiber and protein. And I like what Nemcova says about vegans and non-vegans in her FAQ:

Q: But I’m not vegan, can I still eat it?
A: Vegan is like the universal donor of blood (Type O) in the sense that EVERYONE can eat vegan, but vegans can only eat vegan. Because Faux Gras is so rich in fiber, protein, and Omega-3′s, it’s considered a health food. But it tastes like a naughty, sinful, [somewhat] addictive food. So, please non-vegans, eat up! See what it feels like to eat something tasty that won’t destroy your diet.

That’s what I’m always saying! If there’s an event, I’m like, “Why isn’t there any vegan food?” And once my friend was like, “But you’re the only vegan, you want a whole dish just for you?” and I was like, “But EVERYONE can eat the vegan dish!” Winners all around!

Conclusion: Faux Gras rules! It’s available in stores throughout New York City. And don’t worry if you live elsewhere, they deliver! It’s a four-tub minimum for delivery but that’s like nothing. It would be great to bring to a party or have as an appetizer. If you’re like me, grab a baguette and you’ve got dinner!

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