Millennium’s Southern Comfort Dinner is coming! Reserve your seats now or y’all be screwed, ya hear!  »

This is a reblog of what I wrote for SFist yesterday because I’m on deadline for a project that actually pays me, unlike you ungrateful jerks friends of mine!

On Wednesday, May 25, Millennium goes country! Well, as country as a vegan restaurant in San Francisco can go. Which means, it’s country cliches left and right! Previous years feasts have included buckets o’ beer, mint juleps, deep-fried everything, wedge salads, a carving station (f’real), and a sundae bar. Not sure what’s so southern about that but we love sundaes so we’ll let it slide. It’s really one of the best nights dining anywhere and by the end of the night, you’ll be too fat to walk, and that’s definitely a southern thing. Or an awesome thing. It’s both things.

Millennium’s SoCo Dinner is a five-course prix fixe menu that costs $39.99 per person. Reservations are available between 5:30 and 9:30 p.m., call (415) 345.3900 to make ‘em.

Oh, and Meave reviewed a previous Southern Comfort Dinner and it was pretty fucking epic. Here’s some unsane po’ boy from that feast: 

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