Vegan Chocolate Online Fundraising Auction TOMORROW!   »


Guys! Tomorrow from 9am-8pm PDT (so that’s noon to 11pm for us East Coasters), there’s an online vegan CHOCOLATE auction to benefit Food Empowerment Project!

You know we love FEP here so I hope you will support this fundraiser. PLUS AUCTIONS ARE THE FUNNEST! And chocolate is the chocolatiest. So it’s perfect.¬†

It’d be super fun if you get stuff and tell me in the comments what you got! I just want to know. And I barely ever ask you for anything so jeez just do me this one favor gawd!


The spectacular lauren ornelas of the Food Empowerment Project discusses the power of our food choices at TEDxGoldenGatePark. This is an incredibly moving talk about why giving a damn about what we eat is so important; share it widely and often!

Watch it and then give FEP all your money for their stellar, impactful activism.

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