No Worries is closing their doors in Oakland and transitioning to a mobile food truck. I’m bummed they’re closing but stoked that they’ll be zooming around the bay area, offering vegan Filipino food to all who desire it! If you want to keep updated as to where they’ll be and when, follow them on Twitter and Facebook!  


No Worries! Oakland’s bringing it with the vegan Filipino cuisine!  »

I don’t know what else to say but VEGAN FILIPINO CUISINE. And it’s good and it’s cheap and it’s close to 12th Street BART in Oakland and you want it. First of all, if you’re familiar with Filipino food, you know that it’s not exactly the most vegetarian-friendly, and by “not exactly the most vegetarian-friendly” I mean that the last time I had Filipino food, they put pork in the green beans YOU FEEL ME? I dated a Filipino guy and his penis was a giant pork-filled lumpia YOU DIG?* I went to a Filipino wedding and the officiant was a chicken wing OKAAAAAY??? I don’t know, ignore me. But please continue reading.

Well, no more! No Worries brings the classic Filipino food, veganized. They’ve got Lumpia, Pancit, Adobo, Mungo, Tocho, and more. My favorite thing was the Kare-Kare, which is vegan meat, eggplant, string beans, and cabbage in this delicious savory peanut sauce. Only $8.95 for a giant bowl of it and another buck for rice. A huge tasty meal for under $10—not bad. Not bad at all. The deals get even crazier at lunch, where you get two dishes for only $5.95. That’s some insane EVERYTHING MUST GO shit, right there. Buy it all. Also, the interior is absolutely adorable, with a good amount of seating and photography from local artists. You could totally bring your parents here and they would be all, “Ooooh, classy.” or you, know, not want to leave. I don’t know about you but I can’t say that about lots of the businesses that I patronize.

What’s best, No Worries started as a business proposal in high school and grew to a straight-up full-on restaurant in about 10 years. That’s called following your dreams and that’s fucking awesome. Let’s all take this as a sign to follow OUR dreams, whether that means becoming a space astronaut or simply getting out of bed in the morning. DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

*Kinda like how I dated an Italian dude and his dong was a triangular slice of pepperoni pizza. Mamma Mia! Thas-a spicy meatball! OMG GO TO BED LAURA. 



No Worries, vegan Filipino restaurant coming to Oakland! AND THEY’RE HIRING.  »

We tried No Worries last year at World Veg Fest and fell in love. I mean, in luuuuurve. We ate so much vegan Adobo that we had to be wheeled out of this event dedicated to healthy living. OOPS! Anyway, at Veg Fest, the No Worries team was talking about plans to open in the Jack London Square area of Oakland and now we find out it’s really happening and they’re hiring (GET A JOB, LAZY! Also, we assume that by “welcoming appearance” they mean that you should pop a few buttons at the top of the blouse, honey.) Vegansaurus HQ(ish) is within spitting distance (how uncouth!) of their new location and you best believe we’re gonna be hitting this place up on the regular. And by on the regular, I mean I am the bird lady currently standing in front of their building. Don’t be afraid to say hi, JUST NO EYE CONTACT.

UPDATE: Heard from Jay at No Worries and he says they’ll be opening at 1442 Franklin St in downtown Oakland in September. So not spitting distance but walking distance (even for me, the laziest of JLS residents) (oh! and close to 12 Street BART!)

Thanks to David Surcamp for the heads-up! He’s the dude who brought you those ridiculous Weekend Ruiner cinnamon rolls at last’s SF Vegan Bakesale. Bow down!


OMFG—amazing vegan Filipino food at Veg Fest right now! (Nancy, believe it!) It’s called “No Worries” (adorable!) and a storefront is coming April 2010 to Jack London Square Market in Oakland. Check out DO IT NOW!!!

OMFG—amazing vegan Filipino food at Veg Fest right now! (Nancy, believe it!) It’s called “No Worries” (adorable!) and a storefront is coming April 2010 to Jack London Square Market in Oakland. Check out DO IT NOW!!!

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