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Somehow, pescatarians always seemed innocuous to me. Someone telling me “Oh, I’m a vegetarian, but I eat fish,” didn’t really bother me. I had this false sense that our terrestrial friends always got the worst of it, and then I saw this video.

Fishy Business is an amazing (and short, only 15 minutes) documentary on the horrible practice of drift-netting that, although banned internationally, is still practiced by at least 500 boats in the Mediterranean area. The one case that struck me especially was a drift net that caught a family of five endangered whales (something like 100 in existence??). Luckily they were saved, but seeing as 90 percent of all of the catch produced by the net is unwanted, a whole lot of dead marine life get tossed back into the ocean just so places like Delmonico’s can stay in business. No thanks.

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