Help Florida figure out how to protect 61 endangered and threatened species  »


Because lord knows Florida needs all the help it can get.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has opened up a forum that the agency hopes will create an open conservation with the public about how to protect 60 species of imperiled animals. 

The FWC invites the general public to visit their site to review their new draft action plans and to comment on them.

"We hope the public and stakeholders will comment on the draft species action plans and share their ideas on common themes or actions among plans," said Claire Sunquist Blunden, the stakeholder coordination for imperiled species management planning for the FWC.

Learn more about the 61 species targeted by Florida for new protection, and read and comment on the state’s plans at the FFWCC site.

[Eastern Chipmunk photo by Vicki DeLoach via Flickr]

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