Rocky’s Frybread at El Rio, part deux!  »

I went to El Rio on Monday to partake in some crazy shenanigans, including a friend’s rock show and $1 PBRs. On a Monday! Nuts, I know. Rocky Yazzie was also at El Rio, though for different reasons entirely. He sets up shop in the backyard of El Rio on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays to make and serve his amazing frybread! Laura posted about this last year, so I felt we could all use a refresher, because you need to eat it NOW.

You can get your frybread sweet or savory. The sweet frybread comes with honey and powdered sugar, but I’ve read he has agave nectar for vegans. I didn’t even think to ask that night because I was in the mood for savory! My burrito plans were out the window.

It’s Rocky! And my flash. Sorry.

You know you want this! Navajo-style taco (sans cheese) with vegan bean stew, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions atop his fluffy frybread. Frybread that he makes to order. And the stew? So flavorful and just the right amount of spicy. Get it! $5 a taco, and believe me, they are big enough to share.

Rocky sets up at 8 p.m. and serves until he runs out. See you at El Rio!


Invest in a vegan future, for real this time  »

Hey vegans with dollars! Remember when Mission Street Food refused our investment money (or more accurately, refused our money in that “we’ll take your money but not give you any say in the business even though that’s how investment works in the real world”)? Well now’s your chance to put it to use, albeit on a smaller scale. Dolores Park vegan food truck Sunny Vibrations is looking for an investment of $5,000 to hire a new employee and prepare for the warm weather onslaught of hungry Speedo sunbathers/outdoor medical marijuana users. Same deal as before: either buy a $500 share in exchange for future profits, or put up the whole $5,000 for extra bragging rights. Sunny Vibrations has also started serving up Dragon Lines Tempeh, so they’re not just committed to vegan food; they’re also keeping it local whenever they can.

Speaking of awesome food trucks and how we need way more of them, San Francisco City Supervisor Bevan Dufty is calling for a hearing on the rules and permitting process for street food vendors. It will be open to the public on Monday, Mar. 8 so make sure to come down and tell your side of it. Otherwise, NIMBYs will flood the meeting and complain about how we need to shut down small businesses serving vegan food because there were too many people standing on the sidewalk last Sunday, or whatever. One of biggest problems for small business owners is the expense and the complexity of the permitting process. It’s the same problem that’s been plaguing Curry Up Now’s new San Francisco truck, which promises a new vegan menu when it opens but is now over two months behind schedule. So show up to the hearing and get civic, already! If I don’t get a samosa in me, there’s going to be hell to pay.


New Vegan Food Truck on Dolores Park: Sunny Vibrations  »

Oh snap, a new food truck called Sunny Vibrations just had their grand opening today on Dolores Park, parked at 20th between Dolores and Church. And it’s GOOD and vegan, and the prices are reasonable. If you’re like me and live or work nearby, or if you’re a sunny day Dolores beach tourist, then this is the elusive five dollar lunch you’ve been searching for. They’re serving Tofurkey sausages, homemade chili, smoothies, juices, Uncle Eddies cookies, various salads, lentil soup, and oh god, the fried plantains with garlic, I want to give you so many Christian side hugs and maybe sneak in a few sinful front hugs when no one’s looking.

And they seem to be doing it right. The owner, Craig Gold, is vegan himself, and he says he’s just cooking the food he likes to eat. The truck is powered with rooftop solar panels, he buys organic produce whenever it’s affordable, and instead of wrapping up all the food in disposable materials, you can leave a small deposit and he’ll lend you a spoon and a bowl or a plate (which I hope he can keep up because the park trash bins are already overflowing). Oh and did I mention the fried plantains with garlic? fuuuccccccck.

Anyway go soon and become a favored regular now, because it’s only a matter of time until it’s you vs the twenty deep line.


Review: Mission Street Food cart!  »

Mission Street Food is a most delicious little cart that sets up once a week (details below) to serve you some of the most delicious flat bread sandwiches ever known to man (me + you) or beast (i’ll get to this later). There are three sandwich selections—I expect they’ll expand the menu and maybe even how many nights a week they are out there based on the popularity of their first two weeks—two of which can be made vegan with small adjustments. The $5 King Trumpet is wild mushrooms, triple-fried potatoes (YES PLEASE!), roasted garlic, and scallion sour cream (gross, omit!) on fresh made flat bread. Now, I’m not even a mushroom fan and this sandwich made me sofuckinghappy. It is a must-try. The other is the $4 Mission Melt which is roasted peppers, melted cheese (omit!%


Review: Flacos!  »

Flacos is an all-vegan Mexican food cart that is at many of the Berkeley Farmers’ Markets!

Did you hear me? I SAID, ALL-VEGAN MEXICAN FOOD!!!

Taquitos, enchiladas, chicken pozole (a hominy-and-veggie-chicken stew of sorts, YOU MUST EAT THIS), tamales, MOTHERTRUCKING CHALUPAS! I’m running for the border, bitches! What?!

Flacos uses all-organic, local ingredients whenever possible and lists their vendors on the website. I love knowing exactly where my food is coming from and that it’s not coming from Monsanto or some shit. But the best part about Flacos is that the food is INSANE. My favorite is the veggie-chicken tamales with homemade sauce, capers, green olives and potatoes inside corn masa and steamed in a banana leaf! It’s truly enough to bring tears to this vegan’s eye. Which is sad because I haven’t cried because of my own emotions in something like five years. But I’ll save that for therapy, not my blog. OR WILL I? Only time will tell, therapy is expensive and this blog is free! Prepare to know more about my mom than you do about yourself.

Anyway, Flacos would be on my I-only-have-24-hours-to-spend-in-the-East-Bay-because-I-don’t-know-maybe-someone-has-a-gun-to-my-head-and-I-have-to-get-out-of-town-really-fast list. So if you actually live in the Bay Area, there’s no reason why you’re not at Flacos right now. I DON’T CARE IF THEY’RE NOT OPEN! I SAID NO EXCUSE!*

*Ignore me, please.

[photo via Flacos]

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