Triple X-mas Sale at Food Fight Grocery!  »

Ladies and gentlemen, Portland vegan grocery Food Fight is offering a special online coupon: XXXMAS09
Enter that code at checkout through December 25th (Jesus’ Bday!) and you’ll receive 5 percent off your order of $30 or more.

I have a special place in my heart for Food Fight. I ordered a ton of shit from there when I was just a fledgling vegan. Yes, I had them ship stuff all the way to Philadelphia. I didn’t know what else to eat! That’s why I liked Food Fight; I didn’t have to do any “reading” or “thinking” about whether or not what I was buying was vegan because everything they sell is vegan. And they were so super-nice in their order correspondence!


Vegan Means I’m Trying to Suck Less!  »

Food Fight Vegan Grocery is selling this awesome new button telling the world, “Hey, I’m vegan, I’m not a total condescending asshole, I’m just trying to do the fucking best I can so please don’t give me shit or else I swear TO GOD” in so many words. It’s pretty great. They still have my all-time favorite button which tells people that you hope they die eating their hamburger (it’s true!) and also a gangload of vegan candy. Buy me some of that, please and thank you.

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