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No caption could give these raw cinnamon rolls  justice. JUST EAT THEM.

There’s nothing I get more excited about than finding out an old friend  is a fellow vegan (especially way back from high school). I ran into Denise Hicks, owner of Postmodern Foods, a while back when she was working at Sticky Fingers Bakery, and we stayed in touch through Facebook. I was doubly excited that Denise was not only vegan, but was working at one of my fave spots to visit when I’m visiting home!  

Denise told me of her plan to start her own vegan business, and I was super excited from day one. A few years later, Postmodern Foods was born. After drooling over photos on the internet, I’m so glad I FINALLY got to try her goodies! She offers a variety of juices, smoothies, and mostly raw (but some cooked) foods. 

I woke up early to go to the Great Falls Farmers Market (which is so cute) and, of course, bought a bunch of different things to try. First of all, her raw cinnamon rolls are UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE. I was generous enough to let my parents taste them, and they both wanted more than just a tastes worth (fat chance!). 


These little nuggets are made with chickpea flour. The taste & texture? Nailed it!

The Mini Mushroom and Spinach Quiche (gluten-free) was pretty killer, as was the Nutty “Bread” (also gluten-free). I also tasted the Cinnamon’y Cashew Milk (think vegan horchata) and wanted to buy a gallon of it to nurse in a Camelback all day (I like to keep it classy), but decided to go with the Grapefruit juice (with E3 live blue-green algae) and loved it! 


I made some good ole avo and nooch (plus Tapatío) on toast with the Nutty “Bread.” Didn’t regret it! 

I was seriously impressed with how everything tasted, as well as the portions available for the price. Once her business grows, however, Denise would like to lower her prices, so order food from her ASAP, so Postmodern Foods can take over the world! D.C.-area vegans, don’t miss out on this!


Cooks Illustrated crowns the best supermarket hummus!  »

It’s a good thing Thomas Jefferson didn’t include hummus in the Declaration of Independence, because all hummus sure as hell isn’t created equal.

Cooks Illustrated, a magazine for OCD people (to which I would 100 percent subscribe if it had a vegetarian edition), recently did us the favor of running a taste test on supermarket hummus. Let the results be service to vegans everywhere.

The winner happens to be my favorite: Sabra. Back in the day, my now-husband used to fly sackfuls of this creamy manna from his Jew-heavy hometown in South Florida to our hummus-bare northern Utah residence. It’s that good. Luckily you can even buy it at some Costcos now, in tubs big enough to drown your sorrows in.image

The two other brands Cooks Illustrated deems edible:

Tribe Classic

Cedar’s All Natural


The more you know!

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