There is something very wrong with the entire national system if, in 2014, a country’s lower-income citizens can only afford McDonald’s burgers, and never vegetables. In the same way that clean water and education are basic rights, so should daily access to healthy, fresh food be a top priority of governments. Children in particular deserve no less.

But this would require a revamp of the entire food production system, including re-allotments of the subsidies that make it possible for a burger to sell for $1. We take that price tag for granted, and yet one pound of beef requires far more infrastructure, maintenance, feed, and water to produce than one pound of potatoes. This cheap, meat-centric, fast food diet is enabled by what meat and corn industry lobbyists are allowed to accomplish.


From the post Vegetables are not “Elitist” by Katherine Martinko. A must-read from Treehugger! It rules! I still can’t believe how unaware people are about food prices and government subsidies. Meat is cheap because of the ridiculously imbalanced agriculture subsidies in the United States. 

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