Help the Cinnamon Snail get a new shell!  »

The Cinnamon Snail, the best food truck on the East Coast, needs a new truck! Want to help them get it? Of course you do! They are the greatest and living with the Snail is a trial and punishment that none of us, vegans and omnis alike, deserve.

So get a piece of that sweet Kickstarter action! The rewards look pretty sweet, too; if I had $250 to spare, I’d sign up for the cooking course (for heaven’s sake, someone teach me what to do with tempeh, I canNOT) for sure.

The streets of this great city are bereft without the glorious food of our beloved Cinnamon Snail. For their sake, for our own sakes, we must get them back in business. To Kickstarter, food lovers!


The LA vegan mac truck fundraising campaign has moved internet locations!  »

Recently we posted on Chef Ayinde Howell’s efforts to raise money to open a vegan and gluten-free MAC’N CHEESE TRUCK in LA. Well, the campaign has moved from Kickstarter over to Indiegogo, and I want to help get the word out because I am incredibly selfless. I also want it available for my consumption upon arriving in LA; it looks scrumptious! Anyway, you know how Kickstarter works; if you don’t make all the money you tried to raise, you don’t see any of it! That’s bananas, right? Or not, whatever, but it seems nutty to me. If you were thinking about, or did contribute to the original fundraiser, go ahead, take a look at the new internet location. Let’s not only help make Chef Ayinde’s dream a reality, but also my dream of eating a plate of Mac and Yease a few times a week!

Don’t just take our word for it (although, why wouldn’t you?), Janelle Monae and Alicia Silverstone are both Team Mac and Yease truck as well! 

Can’t see the videos? Check them out at


Bay Area: Koja Kitchen’s MUST EAT Teriyaki Zen with Pineapple!  »

Koja Kitchen, a San Francisco-based food truck, dishes up plenty of meat-mouth entrees, but they really shine in the veg department. (I’ve heard this from vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike, so put that in your pipe and choke on it!)

Their “Teriyaki Zen with Pineapple” is maybe the best thing I’ve eaten all month. That is saying a lot as I’m nearly constantly eating as evidenced by the fact that I am typing this with one hand while eating a hot dog. When people say that they are typing with one hand, it is usually an allusion to jerking it. But not me, I am always talking about eating, ALWAYS.

Koja Kitchen’s Teriyaki Zen with Pineapple’s homemade patty consists of portobellos, soy, and spices all mashed up and mixed into MEATY PERFECTION. It’s then topped with a caramelized pineapple slice, Japanese seasoned romaine lettuce, teriyaki sauce, and served in TOASTED RICE BUNS. The buns are made of rice! It’s sorta like a giant amazing sushi roll IT IS THE VERY BEST. I really can’t stress enough how good this is and you must check their weekly schedule and go eat one immediately. Or three. Three is probably a fair amount and I mean that seriously and with all of my little piggy heart.


Bomb Truck! Has anyone in S.F. tried these organic vegan popsicles yet?  »

The Bomb Truck is apparently roaming the streets of the Mission, selling vegan organic popsicles in flavors like Mom’s Flan, Pineapple Chile Lime, and Avocado. They look amazing! I want one right now very badly! And, according to the site, all the ridiculously delicious-looking flavors are vegan! AND THEY DELIVER?! Let us all get up on this.

Here’s what the truck looks like:

Here’s what the pops look like (adorable kid not included, I am assuming, but not 100 percent sure):

Here’s a better pic and a list of flavors. Per Food Truck Law, follow them on Twitter to see where they’re headed next!
[Peanut Butter Banana Pop, I love you! All photos from Bomb Truck’s website! Hat tip, Abby! Hi Abby!]


No Worries is closing their doors in Oakland and transitioning to a mobile food truck. I’m bummed they’re closing but stoked that they’ll be zooming around the bay area, offering vegan Filipino food to all who desire it! If you want to keep updated as to where they’ll be and when, follow them on Twitter and Facebook!  


New Vegan Food Truck on Dolores Park: Sunny Vibrations  »

Oh snap, a new food truck called Sunny Vibrations just had their grand opening today on Dolores Park, parked at 20th between Dolores and Church. And it’s GOOD and vegan, and the prices are reasonable. If you’re like me and live or work nearby, or if you’re a sunny day Dolores beach tourist, then this is the elusive five dollar lunch you’ve been searching for. They’re serving Tofurkey sausages, homemade chili, smoothies, juices, Uncle Eddies cookies, various salads, lentil soup, and oh god, the fried plantains with garlic, I want to give you so many Christian side hugs and maybe sneak in a few sinful front hugs when no one’s looking.

And they seem to be doing it right. The owner, Craig Gold, is vegan himself, and he says he’s just cooking the food he likes to eat. The truck is powered with rooftop solar panels, he buys organic produce whenever it’s affordable, and instead of wrapping up all the food in disposable materials, you can leave a small deposit and he’ll lend you a spoon and a bowl or a plate (which I hope he can keep up because the park trash bins are already overflowing). Oh and did I mention the fried plantains with garlic? fuuuccccccck.

Anyway go soon and become a favored regular now, because it’s only a matter of time until it’s you vs the twenty deep line.

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