Your vegan-friendly weekend plans, NorCal! Sacramento, Hella Vegan Eats and a haunted hotel!   »

According to a recent list by the Huffington Post, “anything off a food truck” is one of the 22 most hipster foods on the planets. Vegan cookies, tacos and beer made the list as well, so whatever. I bet the writer’s head would explode at the thought of SactoMoFo 7 in downtown Sacramento! 

If you live in the Sacramento area, go check out Vegansaurus fave and Bay Area darlings, Hella Vegan Eats! The festival is free with a canned food item, or $5 at the door. Hella Vegan Eats, a beer garden and live music — sounds like an incredible afternoon to me! If you are considering coming from the Bay Area, why not make a weekend out of it and head to beautiful, vegan-friendly Nevada City afterwards? (Shout-out out to South Pine Cafe, my tofu scramble was DELICIOUS!) They’ve got a haunted hotel and I even heard there is outdoorsy stuff to do. I wouldn’t know, I spent all my time there in the old-timey bars and interrogating the staff at The National for all the ghost stories


Beezie’s Kitchen at El Rio, Fridays in the Mission!   »

Hey SF Bay Area, you got plans Friday night? Well, go ahead and break them cause you have to check out Beezie’s Kitchen at El Rio in the Mission! Jessica Escobedo, the culinary mastermind behind Beezie’s Kitchen, serves up her scrumptious vegan eats from 9pm to midnight, and even if dive bars aren’t your thing, stop by for the food. I had the fortune of checking her out a couple weeks ago and let me tell you, I was impressed! I love when you can taste someone’s love of what they are doing in the food they are serving and that is definitely the case when it comes to Beezie’s Kitchen


My pals Lindsey, Brent and I tried everything on the menu that night, and we were so pleased with all of it! We had a potato taquito plate, which was smothered in homemade sour cream and salsa as well as a veggie dog (Field Roast apple sage sausage) covered with onions and red peppers. Lindsey showed up to El Rio having already eaten dinner, but once she had a taste she was like “Yeah, I will finish that taquito and 1/3 of that sausage, thanks!” Next up was a cupcake, which only lasted about five seconds between the three of us. The frosting was light and fluffy with the vanilla cake so tasty! (I find vanilla cake is one of the most difficult vegan desserts to make, but Jessica definitely knows what she’s doing.)

I don’t think I’ve ever been quite as excited about vegan taquitos as I was about these. The potato filling and the massive toppings were heaven! (They were gluten-free as well.) 

I was never really a sausage person, so when it comes to Field Roast, I’m kind of like “eh” (I prefer Tofu Pups, I know, I know — I’m gross). However Jessica cooked these up though, I’m 100% into it — I’ve never enjoyed the apple sage sausages so much. I did pour like, most of a container of ketchup and mustard on it, but still, delicious! 


I always find myself incredibly inspired by vegan entrepreneurs, especially those dealing with food as it’s super close to my own heart, so I asked Jessica to give me a little back story about Beezie’s Kitchen, and how she got started. She explains “ I always knew I wanted to do something with my food so after years of talking about it without any proper culinary training I left my professional life and hit the streets (literally) cooking and selling my delicious vegan treats. I started working a corner in the Mission and a corner in Palo Alto and Oakland’s first Friday until I got my regular gig at El Rio every Friday which has been an amazing experience. I graduated the Women’s Initiative just a couple weeks ago and have a business plan geared towards a vegan brunch stand at farmers markets. I am not totally sure what is next for me but I love what I have been doing and know I will keep going and growing bringing more and more heart filled vegan treats to more and more vegans.” Jessica also says her style is influenced by her mother who would cook home-style American comfort food and her Mexican grandmother. “They both valued doing everything from scratch and having a connection to where your food/veggies come from. I mix all the this beautiful history together with my cooking and veganize it!”

I love it! I can’t wait to see where Jessica takes Beezie’s Kitchen in the future, and am excited to be able to catch her for now, on Fridays at El Rio from 9pm — midnight! 


Hey NYC: Cinnamon Snail is a delicious vegan food truck!  »

This is my art director Landen at the moment he realized he brought no cash. Silly Landen!

Yay! I finally got to go to Cinnamon Snail! This New Jersey-based food truck has been making the rounds in NYC and I finally got to check it out when they were in Flatiron last week. Bonus: they were being filmed by the Food Network, so I may be even more famous than I already am! Other bonus: It was raining like cray and kind of hell, but it was like a lil’ adventure!

Let’s get down to business: the food = delicious! I got the special of the day, the roasted tofu pesto sandwich. It was hella good. I forget what my partner Landen got but he was into it. He also got the Mexican chocolate donut. I didn’t get a picture but I got to try it and it was DAMN GOOD! Like, approaching Ronald’s-good. I love all vegan donuts but so often they are cakey instead of soft, tangy, old-school donuts. This donut was old-school and yum. And because I am the nicest ever, I got my other coworker the lemongrass five-spice seitan sandwich and he said it was awesome. 

This is a terrible pic of my sandwich; I didn’t have my real camera and the lighting in my office is plain silly. But trust: it was good!

In conclusion: Cinnamon Snail rules! If you want to keep up on when and where Cinnamon snail will be in NYC, follow their twitter!


Vegansaurus NYC: The Cinnamon Snail is going to be in the Flatiron district today! Hurrah!  »

New Jersey’s vegan food truck is coming to Manhattan today! I so don’t feel like going to Flatiron today but I might have to. Everybody says Cinnamon Snail is so good!

Here’s some details from their fb, pals:

Monday: Flat Iron District
Tuesday: Varick or Hudson St 
Wednesday: Midtown East 
Thursday: Financial District
Friday: Midtown West 50s
Saturday: Union Square Area
Sunday: Brooklyn

Most days are 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
All exact locations will be posted when we are parked. We are always open to suggestions for parking spots though.

According to the article, people are saying Flatiron doesn’t have good veg options but I used to work in that hood and Terri was my spot. I got all the boys eating there. Always good to have another option though! So, there you go, boys! You got a special Meatless Monday lined up! Enjoy!


Bomb Truck! Has anyone in S.F. tried these organic vegan popsicles yet?  »

The Bomb Truck is apparently roaming the streets of the Mission, selling vegan organic popsicles in flavors like Mom’s Flan, Pineapple Chile Lime, and Avocado. They look amazing! I want one right now very badly! And, according to the site, all the ridiculously delicious-looking flavors are vegan! AND THEY DELIVER?! Let us all get up on this.

Here’s what the truck looks like:

Here’s what the pops look like (adorable kid not included, I am assuming, but not 100 percent sure):

Here’s a better pic and a list of flavors. Per Food Truck Law, follow them on Twitter to see where they’re headed next!
[Peanut Butter Banana Pop, I love you! All photos from Bomb Truck’s website! Hat tip, Abby! Hi Abby!]

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