Guest Post: Go to the 2nd Annual NYC Vegetarian Food Festival!  »

Start getting hungry now cause this is just around the corner! The NYC Veggie Food Fest is almost upon us. The first weekend of March, Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4th, The Metropolitan Pavilion will be taken over by vendors, speakers, and various so-and-sos who are there to spread the good vegan word (Yes, the festival is 100% vegan. No, I do not know why it isn’t called the Vegan Food Festival).

I attended last year and had a total blast despite a three hour wait in line and being packed in like a 6 train during rush hour. The good news is that opposed to last year, the festival is now a two day event! Also apparently the space is larger, although it’s still at the same address, we’ll see how that pans out, I guess. (Maybe it expands or something? Fingers crossed!)

The schedule looks amazeballs. Featured speakers such as Gena Hamshaw from Choosing Raw, Brendan Brazier, creator of Vega and founder of Thrive Foods Direct, Terry Hope Romero (I’m assuming you know who she is, yes?? I LOVE YOU TERRY!), Ayinde Howell, and Steve Meyerowitz the ‘Sproutman,’ will all have segments over the weekend. You can see the schedule of events for a complete list and more details.

There is also a screening of Vegucated Saturday night with a talk back from the filmmaker Marisa and some of the cast members. The Saturday evening event is VIP which I think means you can only get in with VIP tickets. They are limited so get yours ASAP! After the movie there is a party with an all vegetarian band called Dynasty Electric.

What’s I’m trying to say here is that it’s a blast! And I’ll be there both days tasting everything and making friends with everyone. Be sure to follow me on Twitter for which snacks are the most outstanding and any celebrity sightings. Or come find me if you want to be friends! I’m tall, vegan, I like cats and tattoos. I might be hard to locate at this event actually.

Get your tickets! There are VIP tickets still available, $20 for a one day pass or $30 for the whole weekend. The main thing the VIP allows you to do is cut the line. No waiting, you just walk right in whenever you want. However, it’s only $5 if you’re willing to wait and I’m going to bet that the wait won’t be anything like it was last year since it’s a larger space and a longer event. Besides, I don’t actually mind waiting in line as long as I’m not hungry and I have someone to talk to. Last year I made lots of friends in line and the Cinnamon Snail and the V Spot were there to feed me whenever I got the tummy rumbles. (This happened multiple times. I ate a great deal of food that day)

The best part of all is that a portion of the proceeds from this delightful eating extravaganza go to For the Animals Sanctuary. You’re doing good simply by showing up. Now that’s what’s I’m talking about. See you there!

Laura Yasinitsky is a writer, comic, waitress, and animal-lover based in New York City. She has appeared on Comedy Central’s Open-Mic Fight, and writes for US Weekly's Fashion Police. You can follow her silliness on Twitter @LaraYaz, and read about her animal-friendly adventures here.


Worldwide Vegan Bakesale: NYC keeps it real!  »

Real delicious, that is!

Ginger cookies, strawberry jam-filled muffins, and maple pecan buttons

The vegans of NYC were in fine form yesterday, appearing en masse at MooShoes in the East Village for yesterday’s Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, benefiting For the Animals Sanctuary in Blairstown, N.J. The place was packed and there was no shortage of sweet and savory baked yumminess!

Clockwise from top left: rum raisin brownies, peanut butter cheesecake, five-spice snaps, pesto pinwheels, peanut butter s’more turnovers, strawberry jam-filled muffins

I stocked up on obnoxious loudmouthed vegan buttons over by the register, which were nicely accentuated by pear mojito cupcakes and lemon cake,
smiled at all the incredible stories of happy animals featured by For the Animals, and tried on some super cute vegan rings, handmade with all sales towards the Sanctuary.

Vegan superstar and sweetheart Hannah Kaminsky was there with her brilliant baking bible, Vegan Desserts: Sumptuous Sweets for Every Season.

And let’s not forget the amazing shopping experience that is MooShoes—every time I go there, there’s more and more to love.  Talk about inspiration to get rich!
OMG SHOES, and boots, and bags, and wallets.

Yup, a total success. My Tupperware containers left chock-full of pastry goodness, and it’s SUCH an awesome feeling to know where every dollar went.

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