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This is Penny (ID#A0949842)Are those not the saddest eyes? From Gothamist:

Animals have not been immune to the devastation that Hurricane Sandy brought upon the city this week. And of course, everything that could go wrong had gone wrong this week to cause a sudden surge in homeless animals: Animal Care & Control web servers have been down since the storm, local shelters have lost power, and there has been a lack of support from local chapters of National Animal Groups. So there are a lot of homeless kitties and lost doggies who desperately need you to adopt or foster them, or else they’ll start being killed next week.

See Gothamist for more info. Help if you can!


Bay Area pit bull lovers: NOW is the time to adopt!  »

I don’t know if any of you saw this San Francisco Chronicle story about the terrified and emaciated and covered-in-blood-and-bruises pit bulls who were found in the back of an East Oakland home? It’s really fucking sad and upsetting and we should all be heartbroken and pissed. If you’ve ever known and loved a pit bull (and to know a pit bull is to love a pit bull because these mofos are the BEST), this is especially devastating. Bullies thrive on love and really crave human attention and affection and so to be so abused and neglected, UGH FUCK YOU WORLD. However, one of the greatest things about pit bulls is how resilient they are. Not many other breeds (or say, humans) can be abused to the brink of destruction and then bounce back and choose to love again. They are so trusting and loving, these cute-ass little tail-waggers OMG I LOVE PIT BULLS SO MUCH. When I first started volunteering at shelters, I was kinda scared of them without any real basis, except for OMG PIT BULLS. The more I walked and fostered the breed, the more I saw how fucking awesome they are. They are so fucking awesome. I’ve fostered hundreds (literally hundreds) of pit bulls since 2000, and I’ve never had anything but fantastic experiences with all of them. So the next time someone is talking any shit on the breed, send their asses to me and we will tussle. Or I will rationally explain to them why they’re racist. DONE and DONE.

ADOPT A PIT BULL! They make the absolute best dog friends ever and you do your own small form of activism every time you walk down the street with your pal. People can meet and talk to a real life pit bull and see that they aren’t the scary monsters from the 10 o’clock news. Plus, they are excellent at cleaning the floor, and make terrific supplemental heaters in the winter. OH, and they snore SO CUTE. When a human snores, I want to throw them out a window, but when Hazel snores, MY HEART I CAN’T TAKE IT.

So adopt a pit bull today, already! Or a pit mix! You will not regret this decision, trust me. And if adopting seems too scary, contact a rescue group about fostering. All the love without all the commitment! I get it; commitment is scary and dying alone is a more pleasurable option. Anyway, DO IT.

[photos via Oakland Animal Services; Fifi by Sarah Atkins Photography]


SFACC and SFSPCA swamped with cats and kittens!  »

That's Chloe! Adopt her cute ass!If you’ve been contemplating a kitty companion, now is the time! Head to SFACC or SFSPCA (or both! They’re right next to each other!) and get your new feline best friend! The shelters are over flowing with cuddly cuteness because of the down economy. Stupid people. Stupid economy. Depression 2.0, it just got personal. Actually, it was personal about a year and a half ago, but you’ve just renewed my disgust.

If you’re not super-keen on adopting but want to help out, I bet you could foster through Give Me Shelter cat rescue. Be persistent if a rescue person doesn’t get back to you! Keep calling! They’re often overwhelmed trying to keep everything in order while receiving no pay and working other full time jobs so don’t be bummed/miffed [Ed.: heh] if they don’t get back to you right away. Just keep trying! It’ll happen! And you’ll save some lives in the process and that makes you a real life Super(Wo)Man. Awww…

[via ABC Local, photo is of Chloe from SFACC! Adopt her cute ass!]

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