Fred Durst is on a juice cleanse. How are your resolutions going?   »

Remember that night, two weeks ago, when you made a bunch of champagne-filled empty promises to yourself? How’s that whole “going for a jog every day” thing going? Taking your vitamins? Blogging every day?

Do you need a little inspiration? I know I do!

Fred Durst is on a juice cleanse. Yes, Mr. Imma Cover a George Michael Song in ‘99 is on a JUICE CLEANSE! And blogging about it! I tried to avert my eyes, but this shit reads like a diary! It sucked me in like reality TV!

Fred Durst’s fridge. Let’s just admit that sometimes we find inspiration in the weirdest places, okay? So I can still look myself in the mirror?

Wine counts as juice right? It’s made out of grapes! Silly me, I just answered my own question. But seriously, if Fred Durst can go all juice-cleanse, I KNOW I can too (I might be a little competitive)! Not gonna lie, I’m totally hating myself motivated right now!

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