CONTEST CLOSED Vegansaurus Giveaway: The Happy Herbivore cookbook!  »

When the cookbook giveaways rain, they POUR! We were lucky enough to get our hot little hands on a copy of Happy Herbivore's brand-new intuitively named cookbook, The Happy Herbivore! How very exciting! Filled with simple, tasty, and ultra-healthy recipes like chana palak masala, tamale pie, and her famous black bean brownies (believe the hype!), this book is delicious. The beauty of these recipes is that they’re by and large very simple, but also tasty and not gonna kill you with Earth Balance and fry. Although that would be a wonderful way to go LADIES, AM I RIGHT?

So, as I was saying, the talented Lindsay Nixon (aka, Ms. Happy Herbivore) delighted us with a free copy (FREEBIES!!) and we’re passing this gem onto one of you awesome, awesome, sexy people.

For a chance to win
, let me know what your spirit animal is. I choose this question because Lindsay has that cute little elephant logo¬†and I love him/her. You can say anything but a tigerelephantrhinobunnypitbullandallkindsofdinosaurs, because that’s what I am. I will choose my second-favorite animal and that person shall be rewarded with some free shit (the cookbook, pay attention!). We’ll end this b early next week, I guess.


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