New Vegan Food Truck on Dolores Park: Sunny Vibrations  »

Oh snap, a new food truck called¬†Sunny Vibrations just had their grand opening today on Dolores Park, parked at 20th between Dolores and Church. And it’s GOOD and vegan, and the prices are reasonable. If you’re like me and live or work nearby, or if you’re a sunny day Dolores beach tourist, then this is the elusive five dollar lunch you’ve been searching for. They’re serving Tofurkey sausages, homemade chili, smoothies, juices, Uncle Eddies cookies, various salads, lentil soup, and oh god, the fried plantains with garlic, I want to give you so many¬†Christian side hugs and maybe sneak in a few sinful front hugs when no one’s looking.

And they seem to be doing it right. The owner, Craig Gold, is vegan himself, and he says he’s just cooking the food he likes to eat. The truck is powered with rooftop solar panels, he buys organic produce whenever it’s affordable, and instead of wrapping up all the food in disposable materials, you can leave a small deposit and he’ll lend you a spoon and a bowl or a plate (which I hope he can keep up because the park trash bins are already overflowing). Oh and did I mention the fried plantains with garlic? fuuuccccccck.

Anyway go soon and become a favored regular now, because it’s only a matter of time until it’s you vs the twenty deep line.

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