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It’s lambing season apparently and the Guardian has the story in pictures. “Up to 300 ewes are lambing at Barracks Farm in Fetcham, Surrey. The farm is owned by the Conisbee family who supply their own butchers shops in nearby Horsley. The business has been run by generations of the family for more than 250 years.” I wonder what they used before spray-paint? I guess it’s better than branding. But most stuff is, eh?

These cute lambs numbered for death got me thinking and I’ll tell you: I don’t get people. How do they eat stuff like lamb? Everyone knows lamb are adorable fuzzy childhood delights! There are lots of things in the non-vegan world that have names that distance them from what they actually are. Like shearling—how the fuck do you know what shearling is? I mean you know what it is eventually but it’s not the same as “the skin of sheep ripped off with the fur attached.” But then there’s other words like, “calfskin” and I’m like WTF, calf…skin. Like, cute fuzzy baby skin. So gross! Who is like, “Calfskin? OMG, need!”

There has to be some serious damage that results in this transition where something like a lamb is loved and adored as a child and then eaten as an adult. That’s, like, sick. How many children’s stories center around cute little animal protagonists?  You teach children to be gentle and loving through stories about sweet bunnies who preach tolerance and then you feed them bunnies! Wouldn’t you be raising a bunch of confused sociopaths? But wait! Enter modern society, where violence is entertainment! It’s probably all a person can do to make sense of this friend/dinner dichotomy; it’s like victims of violence who perpetuate that violence to try and make sense of it or normalize it. Essentially: you’re all fucked.

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