Help NYC’s GustOrganics make its menu 100 percent vegan!  »


Ever heard of GustOrganics, on Sixth Avenue between 14th and 15th streets in Manhattan? Yeah, neither had we. But besides being a certified organic and eco-friendly restaurant, the West Village spot is on the verge of going completely vegan!

Though it’s always been vegan-friendly, GustOrganics’ proprietors are all about putting their menu where their ethics are. In other words, earning their sustainable label. Say goodbye to steak and fish and dairy and eggs: Tofu and tempeh and a whole bunch of other delicious plant-based offerings are taking over.

However, they can’t make the big switch without help, which is where we supportive vegans come in. Check out the crowdfunding campaign! GustOrganics wants to bring in renowned Brazilian chef Diego Castro to curate the new menu. The campaign expires in nine days and is still far from the proprietors’ $10,000 goal, so if you’re going to donate, you’d better get on it.

The rewards for donation are pretty sweet, but at the $75 level things get really good: a ticket to the relaunch party on November 3, when GustOrganics will celebrate its new, vegan menu. If this succeeds, it could make the restaurant a vanguard of new, cruelty-free, environmentally friendly eating. Vegan is the diet of the future, and helping GustOrganics succeed could send a big message to restaurants in New York and across the world.

Can’t donate? Use social media to spread the word. Check out GustOrganics on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and show your cash-richer friends where to give!

[photo and video via GustOrganics’ Fundafeast page]


Hey, Bay Area! What are you doing tomorrow? Going to the House Rabbit Society adoption event and vegan bake sale, is what!
Get yourself to the Rabbit Center at 148 Broadway in Richmond from 1 to 5 p.m. tomorrow, Saturday, May 31, to meet some delightful buns, buy vegan baked goods, and celebrate the family Leporidae.
This event not only benefits a truly wonderful rabbit welfare organization, but it’s part of the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale. So get out to Richmond and buy some sticky buns for the bunnies!

Hey, Bay Area! What are you doing tomorrow? Going to the House Rabbit Society adoption event and vegan bake sale, is what!

Get yourself to the Rabbit Center at 148 Broadway in Richmond from 1 to 5 p.m. tomorrow, Saturday, May 31, to meet some delightful buns, buy vegan baked goods, and celebrate the family Leporidae.

This event not only benefits a truly wonderful rabbit welfare organization, but it’s part of the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale. So get out to Richmond and buy some sticky buns for the bunnies!


Bikini Bites’ wants to open a vegan taco cart in Orange County and they need your help!  »

image"Don’t discriminate, accomodate! Vegans need food too!”

UPDATE: Bikini Bites reached their fundraising goal! Yay! BUT you can still donate so Bikini Bites can get an extra awesome cart with totally metal accessories!

Bikini Bites embodies the DIY punk spirit, as its creator Betty Mankiller is a one-woman vegan catering rock star specializing in tantalizing on-the-go food! She regularly serves up her all-vegan noms at various concerts, record release parties, and other special events around Orange County and LA. Besides running her own catering business, she recently created the all-vegan menu for the Black Rose Tavern in Los Angeles, regularly hosts fundraisers for animal rescues, and donates a portion of her profits to animal welfare causes.

I have had the absolute pleasure of enjoying her home-cooked comfort food at various shows and events, and can attest to her wizardry with vegan food! Her specialty is vegan tacos, and let me tell you, once you have tasted her spicy tofu tacos or carne asada tacos you won’t be able to resist going back for seconds (and thirds, and fourths)!

Good news for Orange County vegans: Betty’s goal is to purchase a mobile taco cart so she can make more of her tasty tacos and cater more events! She is currently fundraising to help purchase one, so please consider donating to make this happen! OC definitely needs a vegan taco cart, and how great would this be at various venues, concerts and events?!

Take a look at some of her specialties (all vegan!) and join in drooling with me:

Seitan buffalo wings with bleu cheese dressing
Crab cakes
Jackfruit sliders
Mac & Cheese with coconut bacon
Bleu cheese wedge with coconut back
Irish nachos
Black bean burgers with bacon vegenaise
Loaded nachos with spicy sunflower cheese
Carne Asada tacos with citrus cabbage slaw
Spicy tofu tacos with citrus cabbage slaw
Jackfruit margaritas
White russians

Betty is almost at her fundraising goal, but needs a few more donations to make it happen! Please consider donating to Bikini Bites, whose motto is “changing the world one bite at a time”!

Please donate at:!

Visit and like Bikini Bites on Facebook!

Sarah Jahier is The Spooky Vegan, an Orange County-based blogger who wanders the night in search of vegan options. She writes about the vegan lifestyle and her other two obsessions, Halloween and horror, on her site, The Spooky Vegan. You can follow her daily esoteric ramblings on Twitter.


CUTENESS: Baby goat learns to walk with his very own wheels!   »


Edgar’s Mission, our favorite Aussie farm animal shelter, recently took in little Frostie! Not only did Frostie have a terrible lice infestation, he had joint naval ill:

Joint navel ill is a disease that is seen in very young calves and kid goats and results from an infection entering the body via the umbilical cord soon after birth. The causes are often insufficient or poor quality colostrum (a mother’s immune building first milk) or a dirty and hygienic environment. And in Frostie’s case the bacteria had spread via his bloodstream and settled in the joints of his hind limbs -his joints becoming swollen, hot and painful and rendering him unable to use them. Necessity becoming the Mother of invention as we work to save and enrich the life of our newest little rescue, watch what happens next….

Here’s the video. BREAK OUT THE TISSUES NOW. It’s the cutest effing thing in the world when he takes the first galloping steps: 

Frostie the Snow Goat from Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary.

Are you dead? I’m totally dead!!! In related news, Edgar’s mission is currently holding a “Raising the Roof” funding drive to purchase and outfit their new sanctuary! They keep growing and they want an even bigger and better space to help more animals like sweetie pie Frostie.

They’ve passed their goal but I’m sure they could always use more help, as they seem to be taking in more needy animals all the time. Plus they need funds for their Farm Animal Enrichment Program, which will include a jungle gym for the goats! If you want to contribute, donate here! If everyone who reads this donates just $10, Frostie and friends could have the coolest jungle gym any goat ever hoped for. We can do it!


Fashion Loves Animals Gala is almost here!  »


On May 4th, a.k.a. this Saturday, Farm Sanctuary is honoring the wonderfully talented and dedicatedly vegan Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart of Vaute Couture! I can’t think of a better honoree or a better organization to be honored by. I hope there are goats there! OMG if there are goats there I will die and go to heaven and leave all my worldly riches to goats.

Get your tickets!


A vegan global cuisine cookbook is on the horizon! Needs your help!  »

Vegan Moroccan Stuffed Squash, one of many recipes on Justin’s site.

The Lotus and the Artichoke is a vegan food blog inspired by the world travels of Justin P. Moore. Now, Justin wants to take his recipes and make a whole vegan cookbook! He’s started a Kickstarter campaign to fund its publication, and now is your chance to donate. The perks look nice!

Here are a few recipes the cookbook promises to have:

  • Gobi Tikka (North India)
  • Persian Eggplant (Iran/Germany)
  • Orange Tempeh Teriyaki (Hawaii/Japan)
  • Mushroom-Tofu Stroganoff (Germany/Russia)
  • Knödel & Rotkohl (Germany)
  • Broccoli Quiche (France/USA)
  • Cashew Mushroom Risotto Deluxe (Italy/Germany)
  • Ginger Lemon Chickpea Sprouts (India/USA)
  • San Francisco Savory Crepes (USA)

Yeah, that sounds pretty yummy. The book also promises 50-plus full-page pictures. I am so down with this! I can’t handle cookbooks without pictures. I want to see what the stuff looks like!

If this all sounds good to you, make your way over to Kickstarter and chip in. 

Support Walk for Farm Animals and get some cakeballs!  »

One of our favorite commenters, Mandy Brown, is participating in Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals! But that’s not all: Anyone who donates $10 or more on Mandy’s page will get a dozen homemade vegan cakeballs. That’s right! I’m so happy that cakeballs are a thing now, right? 

Above are last week’s chocolate-banana cakeballs. What’s this week’s flavor, you ask? Well, the first person to donate this week will get to pick the flavor! The first person of the week to donate $10 or more gets to decide the cakeball flavor for everyone. FUN!

Bonus: the sugar will be organic and vegan, the chocolate will be fair-trade, and Mandy’s kitchen is gluten-free, so they’re celiac safe. Yay!

To donate, check out Mandy’s page. There’s a pic of a cute baby pig!


NYC: Party for the birds on Tuesday, April 3!  »

The Wild Bird Fund is hosting a fundraiser to raise money for the city’s first wildlife rehabilitation and education center! There’s going to be cool stuff you can read about below but I should tell you first: THERE’S GOING TO BE BABY BIRDS AND SQUIRRELS! BABY ANIMALS OMG WTF! And an owl—I have never met an owl. That’s a damn shame. This will not stand! We must go and meet squirrels and owls.


The Wild Bird Fund is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) charity located at 558 Columbus Ave. (inside the Animal General clinic), New York City. In 2011, the WBF rehabilitated over 1,400 birds and mammals and responded to over 4,000 calls. While the fund usually deals with mostly pigeons (as they seem to be the most common bird brought in), some of the other other types of animals treated are gulls, sparrows, hawks, owls, and squirrels.

The gala will take place at the beautiful and historic “Birdie” Vanderbilt Mansion, and will feature a speech by best-selling author Jonathan Franzen and a performance by Dzul Dance. Wine and vegetarian hors d’oeuvres will be served, and guests will be able to meet a few of the feathered rescues from the previous year.

Get your tickets now! If you have any questions, you can contact Joseph via email or by phone at (914) 513-1908.

In conclusion, baby squirrel from the Wild Bird Fund’s FB page:


Save Kate’s Joint in NYC!  »

A New York staple in the veg community has fallen on hard times! Kate’s Joint needs to raise $30,000 dollars to pay back rent before April 11 or they have to close down for good:

Kate’s Joint, vegetarian restaurant and bar, has been a staple in New York City’s East Village since 1996. Solely owned and operated by neighborhood native Kate Halpern, who dreamt to create an affordable restaurant to serve the community she grew up in. Kate’s Joint has grown to become much more than just a business, it is a home for locals and travelers a like, a place to bring family and friends, and to meet new ones.

Unfortunately, with the changing neighborhood and economic recession Kate’s Joint has seen a fall in business and rise in costs. Kate is currently in arrears with the landlord. Eviction notices have been sent, court appearances have been made, and if a substantial amount of money is not raised by April 11, the next court date, the doors will shut permanently at Kate’s Joint. The East Village will lose another neighborhood landmark.

Of Kate’s Joint, Laura has proclaimed: “It’s really good!” Meave dragged an omnivore friend there once and they both loved it. (The friend became a repeat customer!) So if you can, donate! If you can’t, then at least spread the word to your rich friends! Pass this page along!


Vegan bakery needs help expanding into the wonderful world of espresso!  »

It’s the latest and greatest vegan endeavor to take over the world! Seattle-based vegan bakery Bouteloua Bakery, which reader Bryan tells me makes the best vegan croissants ever, is looking to expand their business to include espresso, in all its glory. But they need our help! Enter IndieGoGo! Bouteloua is trying to raise enough money to buy an espresso machine, among other things, and enough funds to hire some new people! Nice. Besides making the best vegan croissants ever, Bouteloua is also all organic and serves fair trade coffee from The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie.

I know, some of you are like, “Megan, I don’t live any where near Seattle!” but guess what! I asked the owner (another Megan! Megans unite!) and she said if you go in for the $10 perk or the $50 perk, she will mail chocolate chip cookies to you! You won’t get the free drink on the $50 perk but that should cover shipping. So, you get to help a young vegan business and get some vegan cookies to boot. More importantly, you’re supporting another step in total vegan dominance! Huzzah!

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