"Honest Scarecrow" by Funny or Die. 

Several people suggested Vegansaurus might want to post that Chipotle scarecrow commercial. I was like…you’re cray. All my advertising friends were immediately taken with the vid and posting it all over fb and I was just like…you’re cray. How can anyone take this seriously? Sorry bros, Chipotle is not some caring, anti-big ag corporation. I like Chipotle, I won’t lie, but come on. Don’t be silly.

Then, finally, one of my ad peoples (Yay Pete Johnson! Speak the truth!) posted this Funny or Die parody. Please, let it knock some sense into the world. 


Oh man! How did we miss this? It’s a Funny or Die video featuring that unnecessarily creepy “exclusive” whisper and also Katherine Heigl, advertising her life’s mission: neutering (and spaying) animals! It’s funny enough. Mostly we think it’s awesome when celebrities are passionate about important issues in an unpretentious manner.

[video by Funny or Die, which we found at Ecorazzi]

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