So Necessary: Rabbit-fur iPad case!  »

Score one for humanity! This rabbit-fur iPad cover from Jagger Edge is uggo times a thousand. It’s from their V.I.P. collection, as in “Very Important Purchase.” VIP? More like V-O-M! Am I right? And over at shopbop, you can purchase your very own for $198!

They also have amazing rabbit-fur iPhone cases that are equally as uggo but smaller. The description for the iPhone cases is great: “Handmade in California U.S.A. 100% fine fur as a result each has it’s own unique character + EDGE! These made to order, high luxury iPhone covers are for the style maven a cut above the rest.” EDGE, you say? Well then! Skin the bunnies!

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE: it comes in pink. Cuddle up with that.


What do you think of this interactive iPad ad against fur? I saw it on the Pinnacle blog and I say it’s kind of neat. On one hand, I’m like, it’s kind of annoying; but then again, it looks like it goes fast enough so that it wouldn’t be that disruptive. And I like how it looks like any fur ad in a magazine and then BLAMMO! it’s not! It’s BLOODY! I think it would be effective in keeping “fur = blood” on the brain. Fur Equals Blood on the Brain should be the name of our band! Cut! Print! Dishes are done!


Anti-fur fashion movement Pinnacle is having a design contest! With, like, famous people! I love Todd Oldham. Remember his MTV days? Sigh. I’d take House of Style over Jersey Shore any day (did I just say that? I’m out of control this morning).
The winner of the contest gets 100 pins of their design, which will ultimately lead to total fame and fortune.* Which is all that really matters. That, and not wearing fur! Because fur is gross and EW.
I would enter but I don’t want to skew the curve for everyone. I’m so nice to you guys!
*I know these things because I’m a Pisces.

Anti-fur fashion movement Pinnacle is having a design contest! With, like, famous people! I love Todd Oldham. Remember his MTV days? Sigh. I’d take House of Style over Jersey Shore any day (did I just say that? I’m out of control this morning).

The winner of the contest gets 100 pins of their design, which will ultimately lead to total fame and fortune.* Which is all that really matters. That, and not wearing fur! Because fur is gross and EW.

I would enter but I don’t want to skew the curve for everyone. I’m so nice to you guys!

*I know these things because I’m a Pisces.


Fur hair extensions: what’s hot for privileged exploitative asshats!  »

No, seriously. What will these wacky rich idiots think of next!? Since we’re already devolving into a dystopian society, let’s just say FUCK IT and eat dead baby gorillas and start using the backs of orphans as our main mode of transportation (eco-friendlier!). Actually, you know what, the eating gorillas and riding around on orphan backs makes MORE sense than these fucking hair extensions, because people need to eat and get places.

Even fur coats can have a usebut this is for absolutely no reason. It’s like using meat to wipe your ass. These fur hair extensions are like two idiotic tastes that taste worse together. Kinda like putting those chrome balls on your hummer.

I especially love that the blogger calls it a “pain-free process.” Really, bitch? Tell that to the chinchilla who was anally and vaginally electrocuted so you could wear tacky-ass cultural appropriation creepiness in your stringy hair. The only reason I regret writing this is that their TERRIBLE blog might get some hits today. SF Indie Fashion, go fuck yourself.

Updated 3/25/11:
Sonja from Rubio & Raven Salon, where the fur hair extensions were sold, wrote this on Yelp:

"I never expected this kind of response and cruelty to animals was honestly the furthest thing from my mind. My purpose was not to upset so many people and so, I will no longer be offering this service. Thank you for your passion and I hope that you will take down your review as I am now on your side. Thank you and sincerely, Sonja Ritchey"

This is rad! Yay, Sonja!


It’s time to do stuff! Shut down fur stores, help animals in Japan and join the Great American Meatout in this week’s link-o-rama!  »

Have you been thinking about the animals affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan? Well, @FigaroRascal’s favorite paper, the Anipal Times, has posted a wealth of information on how the situation with animals in Japan is being handled as well as what you can do to help. GO! READ! HELP!

Lunch Box Bunch had a post this week with 15 food photography tips! I need to read them. Shut up! I do the best job my iPhone can do.

Bay Area vegan Ai Hiruma-Martinez of If Martha Was Vegan got a recipe published in Rachel Ray’s magazine! Go Ai! It’s a quinoa salad. Pick up your copy of the magazine and tell them you love vegan recipes! In other news: I find Rachel Ray insufferable, anybody with me?

If there’s one thing I love, it’s bechamel sauce! I started following this French blog on twitter and they posted this super-looking bechamel recipe. I plugged it into google translate and it doesn’t look that difficult! What’s your favorite recipe that calls for bechamel sauce? Tell me now! I’m hungry!

The oldest wild bird in the northern hemisphere, a 60-year-old albatross named Wisdom, totally got her groove back! Wisdom has a new chick! She is amazing scientists with her longevity and fertility. God bless you and your libido, Wisdom.

Hey, ever wonder what a gay rights activist thinks about being vegan? Check it out!: Being Vegan is SO Gay!

Hey, ever wonder what Glamour magazine thinks about being vegan? Check it out!: Why is Everyone Going Vegan?

Hey sandwich-lovers! Check out this list of the seven best vegan sandwiches in New York for under $7! GIVE THEM TO ME.

Now here’s something, from, a successful grassroots model to shutting down fur stores! Successful stuff is like my fave.

What are you doing this weekend for Meatout? You are supposed to host a meat-free event and get the people excited about vegan food! DO IT! OR go to an event someone else is hosting like this one in San Francisco:

What: Vegan Feed-in, leafleting, and signs at the March & Rally to Stop the Wars
When: Saturday, Mar. 19 at noon.
Where: UN Plaza
RSVP: Contact FARM’s new West Coast Coordinator, Alex Felsinger;


Fur and fashion: the revolution is coming!  »

On Sunday, Feb. 6, the awesome Joshua Katcher (Discerning Brute, Pinnacle) presented “Fur & Fashion: Decoding and Harnessing the Dialect of Fashion,” with a Q&A including the brilliant John Bartlett, and the amazing Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart of Vaute Couture. There is sooooo much to be said, I can only skim the points.

Katcher ran through the symbols and psychology of fashion, connecting what is worn by the models and their demeanor, and how they invoke our need for approval! As they look at us, all gorgeous and disdainful, we need their acceptance, to be like them, to wear fur, contribute to inhumane and unethical behaviors! And we’re uncool unless we give in! YES!!! They subconsciously make you want to be evil! He points out that skins were once used for survival, which is no longer the case in our culture, and how there is disconnect between animals and their fashionable skins in many folks psychology. Example: Terry Richardson hugging a dog while wearing a rabbit-fur coat. Creepy!

John Bartlett, Joshua Katcher, Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart

To summarize Katcher’s points on tactics, wardrobe is used as a weapon of intimidation, as in the military trends. And the aesthetic laws put top designer togs in a higher social class, and uniforms such as a maid’s on the bottom. The psychological attacks are quite astounding! Our love of a good villain is used against us and I surmise that this may be one reason why the allure of CrueAnna deWintour is so strong! Joshua points out that the editorials and designers’ campaigns portray a society that has access to the unknown. Often-used dark, occult imagery are ever so attractive. He also notes that as fashion editors continue to cover fur, they intentionally do not cover the whole story.

While the furriers have deep pockets and use their financial influence on the struggling young and naïve designers, the ethical folks do not have the finances.

Joshua brought us through the points of how cruelly all the skins are procured. Much of this verified information can be found on PETA, Mercy for Animals, and the HSUS websites. In a nutshell, DO NOT TAKE FROM ANIMALS. And even more, humans seem to always make the exploitation into a greater hell in order to cut costs. The examples are irrefutable and we are accountable. Feathers and silk are a part of this. And sometimes fake fur is too! Look for the “skin” of the fake fur. It should not look like skin! Philip Lim 3.1 and Urban Outfitters have made this mistake. And many folks excuse this as a personal choice as opposed to social justice.

Skins from kombucha-processing, recycled material from plastic bottles, and closed-loop manufacturing systems are all ways to ethically produce fashion. THE SOLUTIONS ARE THERE—but maybe a bit more costly than fur farms in China. And with John Bartlett (left) following in Stella McCartney’s glorious footsteps and then some by nixing wool and alpaca, the designers devoted to this cause are joined by an ICON!

According to Bartlett, “Next time I show, I want to show a fully vegan collection. I want to make sure there’s intention behind it. Over the past year, I have taken leather out of my collections, I will no longer use down and, hopefully by next fall, I will no longer use wool.” He is also actively participating with Pinnacle! The paper will be released for NY Fashion Week, but you can see PDFs here.

During the Q&A, someone asked how you should talk with friends who argue that wearing vintage fur is OK. While some answers were in more of the understanding and empathizing vein, Joshua zinged in with “A vintage Nazi uniform is still a Nazi uniform. You wear fur, you hate animals.”  Like a shot to the heart!

When asked how designers can’t know about the horrors, John Bartlett answered, “They don’t understand why fur isn’t fabulous. [Many] consider fur as fabric. There is this incredible disconnect; it’s the same kind of disconnect as eating a hamburger.”

Always a concern is cost, and the ethical clothes are often pricey. Leanne Mai-Ly points out that her clothes are locally sourced as best possible and locally produced here in NYC, keeping her eye on quality and ethical accountability. Clothing should be seen as an investment, not disposable! I agree. Never thought about how the sweatshops are there to produce disposable clothing, which only makes that worker’s toil even more horrifying!

I sense a revolution—style-conscious, ethically inclined superheroes that can finally speak the language of the often oblivious and closed-minded fashion world! Clothes do make the man (and woman), and they can make him heard!

Labels/sites to check out
Vaute Couture
John Bartlett
Matt and Nat
Moo Shoes
The Ethical Man
Melissa Plastic Dreams

Tell us your favorite ethical designers and sites in the comments!

This review and the photos herein were brought to us by the talented and terrific Jeff Nesmith, an Alabama native thriving in Brooklyn. Designer, draw-er, writer, magazine producer, vegan fry-cook/biscuit-baker, and by day, the editorial production director for Real Simple magazine. He describes his site,, as always a work in progress; we think it’s ridiculously awesome.


Artists, design students: 2011 Design Against Fur poster competition  »

Are you a talented student and totally anti-fur? You should enter the 2011 Design Against Fur competition! Above is last year’s Europe and International first-prize winner. Dudes, apparently the bar is LOW because that poster is kind of LAME. It just doesn’t do it for me. What do you think?

The deadline for registration is Apr. 1 and the deadline for submissions is Apr. 15. First prize is 700€! According to my calculations, that’s about $954 U.S. Holler! You could finally take me somewhere nice for a change.


Via Simply Vegan: Oslo Fashion Week bans fur!  »


From Huffington Post: Oslo Fashion Week Bans Fur (POLL).  

Veganism isn’t just about diet. It’s about omitting all animal products. Supporting one end of the trade supports even those omitted and so the abuse that is endured is still endorsed. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming because animal products pop up virtually everywhere, but taking small steps and shifting gears and habits, it is easy to find that even in a non-vegan world, there is a vegan one full of endless options. No one is perfect (from reading my posts, you know that for as long as I have been vegan, I too make mistakes), but we all try and intention is everything, so start here: no fur, no leather, no wool.

If you click on that link to the HuffPo article, you can vote in the site poll, which as of Wednesday evening looked like this:

Is that it? Only 86 percent of voters are anti-fur? NOT ENOUGH!

(via simplyvegan-deactivated20110110)


Fur shame, Project Runway!  »

I generally do not watch Project Runway, especially since they went to that 90-minute format where they try to sell us more HUMAN INTEREST and more of that HORRIBLE WRETCHEN (totally came up with that and have been DYING TO USE IT!), but Allen* was watching it tonight and I was sitting next to him playing “Imagine Artist” on my DS pretending that we were having some semblance of quality time, when one of the designers started talking about how faux-fur looks cheap.

"Yeah, it looks cheap," I told Allen, "Because fur is supposed to be warm and soft and not made of synthetic fibers. BECAUSE ANIMALS USE IT TO KEEP WARM." Allen just ignored me, as he generally does when I start getting righteously indignant about something (eating meat, stigma surrounding mental health services, Danielle Staub of The Real Housewives of New Jersey) and continued watching the show because he had worked a full day and my righteous indignation was the last thing he needed right now, but I was so fired up that I stopped painting my serene digital landscape to glare at the TV to make sure that this Christopher was going to be appropriately chewed out by Tim Gunn for his horrible choices. [Perhaps Bunim-Murray might pop-up a window encouraging viewers to tell the Senate to pass the Truth in Fur Labeling Act, or remind Californians that our governor hasn’t signed similar legislation, A.B. 1656, into law yet.]

Do you know what happened? Nothing! Tim Gunn, who decimates people (in the nicest way possible) for making DKNY knock-offs and letting WRETCHEN be the leader of anything (god, she is horrible) just stared for a second and then started talking about volume, ignoring the giant SHAVED FUR THING that Heidi Klum later called an “old lady rag-rug” (Schwamm einer alten Frau. Thanks, Google Meave!) or something. HE BOUGHT AND SHAVED A FUR, you guys. And it was both cheap-looking and hella ugly. OH, AND UNIVERSALLY HATED AND MOCKED BY ALL OF THE JUDGES. Also: It was for a Jackie Kennedy challenge, and a quick search reveals that Jackie didn’t even wear fur that much because it was too ostentatious and gaudy (translation: cheap-looking). And this guy is just standing there being all “Oh, I haven’t used fur in a long time/ever before. I don’t know. Whatever. I didn’t even want to do it. It’s just that the other materials, they just looked like the wrong thing to use for my verkrustiges Sporttuch. The only way to do this right was to get in there and SHAVE SOME LEATHER. I’m just going to have to stand by it! Kisses!”

Tim Gunn is anti-fur, so why did he keep quiet when all this was happening? In his extended critique of Christopher’s outerwear, he seems to express dismay at Christopher’s choice of ANIMAL FUR, and encourage him to use the ultrasuede he had also bought instead of the fur. However, as Christopher asks for advice on what to with the fur specifically, Tim offers it without further comment on the fur itself. As their mentor, taking the contestants to task for the morality of their choice of materials may not be appropriate. Perhaps he spoke with Christopher or the producers off-camera about the fur—as of this writing, Tim’s behind-the-scenes episode recap hasn’t been posted to his Facebook. As a proud anti-fur advocate, though, his behavior is inexplicable, and really surprising.

I’m surprised everyone ignored the elephant in the room at the judging, too; it was just all “texture this” and “gorgeous that.”
Perhaps they thought the fur was fake considering that Project Runway has long had a no-fur stance, evidence of which appears as late as August 2009. When was it overturned? The winner of season six, Irina Shabayeva, used fur in her first post-Runway collection (gross!). Michael Kors has had roughly as many animals as San Francisco has citizens murdered for fur in his collections over the years, so it wouldn’t have been an issue for him.

Here’s a tip, contestants: It’s always more awesome to be cruelty-free.People will like you more and animals will suffer less. And maybe, just maybe, your designs won’t come out looking like a dreckiger Arschwärmer!

Auf wiedersehen

*Allen is my boyfriend. He did not consent to having his name or likeness used for this or any other purpose. I am pretty sure he is going to break up with me and move out when he finds out I’m writing about him, so let me know if you need a roommate!

[Meave Gallagher contributed to the reporting in this post! Images courtesy Lifetime]


Who loves bunnies and dormice and cephalopods and German vegetarians? This week’s link-o-rama loves them all, of course!  »

Events! Things to do!
Have you adopted a rabbit yet? If not, don’t worry, you have another chance on Saturday, Sept. 4, when East Bay Rabbit Rescue teams with Harvest Home Sanctuary and the House Rabbit Society for a massive art show and adoption event! From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the East Bay SPCA at 4651 Gleason Dr. in Dublin, you can browse and buy bunny artwork, and meet your new best friends like little baby Elmo here, who is only three months old! The art show will continue through the end of the month.

SF Zine Fest returns this weekend! It’s awesome, it’s free, and our own Jonas is a longtime organizer so attendance is like telling Jonas he’s great, which shouldn’t be hard because duh, he is. Our Laura will be there with the very first issue of Fat Zine (read about its creation in The Bold Italic!) Plus you can check out other Friends of Vegansaurus, including Susie Cagle, Family Style, Jen Oaks, François Vigneault, and Zine Fest special guest Jesse Reklaw!  Zine Fest is located in the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park, at 9th Avenue and Lincoln Way; it’s open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 4 and 5. Visit the site for information on workshops, panels, special events, a complete list of exhibitors, interviews, and more!

Update! Davey Surcamp of future vegan bakery A Fire Inside is holding a fundraising vegan bakesale on Monday, Sept. 6 (Labor Day!) from noon to 4:30 p.m. at Haight and Ashbury Streets. Buy a snack, support the bakery, which we REALLY WANT, YOU GUYS. Afterward he’ll host a vegan potluck in Buena Vista Park at 5 p.m., noting please that while everyone is welcome, all attendees will need to bring both a vegan dish to share (duh) and their own dinnerware. So there’s your three-day weekend covered, you’re welcome!

Most of us San Franciscans have friends and relations in other states worrying us about THE BIG ONE and whether we’re READY FOR IT, but hyperbole aside, we ought to be minimally earthquake-ready—at least for your pet’s sake. To that end, a panel of Disaster Preparedness Coalition for Animals reps will hold a discussion on “Preparing Yourself and Your Animal Companion for a Disaster” on Wednesday, Sept. 8 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. in the Latino/Hispanic Community Meeting Room in the Main Branch of the SFPL. The Main Branch is located at 100 Larkin St, and the Latino/Hispanic Community Meeting Room is on the lower level of the Library.

Hello, Tidbit! At one whole year old, Tidbit is fully grown and a whopping two pounds. We understand that he loves to meet new people, and cannot be kept away from his toys. Tidbit is a rescue bun with Harvest Home Sanctuary, meaning our friend Anne has vouched for his character, and if she says he’s confident and happy, he most certainly is. Do you have room in your heart and home for little Tidbit? (hint: YES)

Articles! Things to read!
Remember when we asked you last week if you’d rather eat a GM “salmon” or “willingly donated human meat?” Guess what, we’re geniuses: that was, essentially, the question the VEBU wanted everyone to ask, and being vegans, we got it. Wir sind gleich! We’re also gleich with scientists who are proving that cephalopods are conscious beings. They might even dream, you guys. What do you suppose squids dream of? What would an octopus’ dream look like? Your Vegansaurus will admit to welling up a bit, considering animal minds.

A mountain lion made the mistake of venturing too near “popular restaurants and shops in the north side” of Berkeley on Tuesday morning, so city police, to quote Brock SFist, murdered it. Definitely the right choice, straight-up bullets. Even though the ortolan is an endangered species, it’s such a fancypants delicacy in France the government still ignores hunters—how can you stop people from eating something so delicious? Even if 50,000 tiny birds are slaughtered annually, each of which sells for up to £120 on the black market—it’s about TRADITION, and CUISINE, something animal-loving barbarians would NEVER understand. Across the Channel, the entire U.K. is up in a bunch over having to build bridges to allow tree-dwelling endangered species like dormice to safely cross giant motorways, once the giant motorways have been built right through the dormice’s habitats. Considering how super-extra-endangered Britain’s remaining endangered species are, the public may want to consider more serious measures. You jerks had better not kill off all the Mrs. Tiggywinkles. In Israel, a bill that would have banned “the production, processing, import, export and sale of fur from all animal species not already part of the meat industry” will now most likely be withdrawn, as member of the Knesset Menachem Eliezer announced his party no longer supports it, despite a clause added by the bill’s sponsor, MK Ronit Tirosh, to allow fur imports for religious purposes (such as the shtreimel worn by ultra-Orthodox men). Dang it, religion: no matter what country or what deity, you’re always making things difficult.

Do you read Paula Deenisms? Maya Goodwin, unfortunately, is an ex-vegan who believes that “[v]eganism is a dietary preference that is, in realistic terms, reserved for those who are fortunate enough to afford such an expensive diet.” Boo, Maya Goodwin. As an interested party (one of your editors also works for The Morning News!), I am disappointed the interviewer (who is my pal) didn’t press her on this point, but of course, we have separate agendas. On the other hand, did you read the good news from old crazyface John Mackey? “[Whole Foods will] introduce a private-label line in 2011 based on the healthy eating book The Engine 2 Diet. We’ve licensed that brand. It’s vegan (no animal fats) with no canola or safflower oils, and low in sugar and salt.” YOU GUYS MORE VEGAN FOOD AVAILABLE IN MORE AREAS HOORAY HOORAY. Mackey remains a creep who probably hates fat people and is clearly obsessed with oils—which make your hair look pretty, dude, look into ingesting some—but you bet your ass your Vegansaurus supports his move to bring more vegan food to the people. Like (organic, vegan) Brooklyn Salsa: NYC vegans, check this stuff out! The company uses Glen Industries to make the salsas, which employs people with disabilities, helping them “to realize their goals of where and how they learn, live, play, and work, Glen Industries creates an environment of independence, productivity and integration.” Jesus christ, my heart. [BK Salsa info from Shut Up, Foodies!]

Plumpy’nut: when we last looked at Plumpy’nut, Congress was not happy about its creator’s proposal to let her Tanzanian factory produce it—what about the precious U.S. farm bill? In a new article, we get a broader view of the complicated business of Plumpy’nut. Internationally, there are complaints that the company that owns its patent is too strict with how it licenses the product, and that the $60-per-child-per-two-month-treatment cost is too high. Then there are complaints from the U.S. peanut lobby, who aren’t getting in on any of the action, and from other parties who don’t believe in for-profit “therapeutic foods.” Yes, it contains milk, but it is a very effective vegetarian supplement; kids love it, and they can eat it at home instead of at a clinic. What do you vegans think: better Plumpy’nut for kids, or something like Heifer International for families?

Right, and McDonald’s food does not visibly age. Like at all. That’s your restaurant!

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